Electric Sliding Driveway Gates in North London

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Installing Electric Sliding Driveway Gates in North London

There’s something immensely satisfying about driving into your driveway and hearing your electric gates slide shut behind you. They allow you to place a clear boundary between the external world, and the privacy of your own home. Not only that, your electric sliding driveway gates in North London add a layer of security to your property, as well as enhancing its exterior.

Why Choose Electric Sliding Gates?

Driveways in North London come in all shapes and sizes. Where the space is limited, or the driveway is built on an incline, 1st Choice recommends the use of sliding gates. The elegance of the mechanism provides a perfect entry or exit, without you having to leave your vehicle. The design can range from traditional wooden gates, to heritage wrought iron, or contemporary aluminium.

Security Gates for Driveways

Although security is rarely the primary reason for installing electric sliding gates, they provide an great opportunity to to deter uninvited visitors. 1st Choice Security Systems engineers offer a free security audit as part of the installation process. We assess the vulnerabilities of your property and offer a range of options for enhancing your family’s protection. These may include:

  • Residential CCTV. An excellent deterrent against opportunist intruders and trespassers.
  • Door Entry System. Installing either an intercom or a video entry system allows you to speak to uninvited visitors before letting them through your driveway gates.
  • Intruder Alarm System. We provide a range of alarms from ‘bells only’ to fully monitored systems.

Bespoke Design For Your Driveway Gates

Working with 1st Choice gives you absolute design flexibility, because all our electric gates are bespoke to clients’ requirements. Our goal is to provide the entrance aesthetic you desire for your home. If you are looking for privacy, we would recommend a solid wooden gate or an aluminium gate design. Otherwise you may prefer a partial privacy gate with mixed infill and featuring a decorative top.

Your gates can slide either to the right, or to the left and can be cantilevered, or run on a track. Not enough room to side the gate to either one side or the other? We have a range of options including a telescopic design, or sliding your gates on a curve along the side of your driveway. Our design engineers have a wealth of experience, and will find the solution that best suits your property.

Maintaining Your Electric Sliding Driveway Gates in North London

One thing to consider as part of your decision to install electric sliding gates is maintenance. British weather isn’t kind to electric gate tracks and motors which means that annual maintenance is strongly recommended. 1st Choice offers a maintenance and repair package which includes:

  • 24/7 response and repairs should your gates break down.
  • Annual service and maintenance.
  • Reports and recommendations – where appropriate – to maintain optimum performance.
  • Ongoing advice and support for all your security concerns.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems knows how important it is to be able trust installers working in your home. All our engineers are DBS checked, SafeContractor approved, SSAIB approved, and we’re a DHF member. We work to the ISO2001-2015 standard. Should you need us in an emergency, we are available 24 hours.

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In need of CAMESAFE CCTV systems?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security systems.


If you need would like to speak to a 1st Choice engineer about electric sliding driveway gates call us today on 0800 1182414.


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