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1st Choice Security Systems are highly experienced with commercial CCTV in London

Displaying visible CCTV equipment can reduce crime against people, theft and vandalism, and when crime does occur CCTV footage can provide valuable evidence to improve the likelihood of a successful conviction.

1st Choice Security Systems have installed many commercial CCTV systems in London, located in a variety operating environments including public spaces, warehouses, offices, carparks and private homes

Our experienced and highly-trained security consultants will visit your property and perform a security evaluation.  From that evaluation we will identify the best locations for CCTV cameras and the most appropriate types of cameras to use.  We can use a wide variety of CCTV camera technology including:

Infra red cameras

Wireless CCTV systems

Low profile CCTV cameras

Day/Night CCTV cameras

Advanced motion activated CCTV cameras

Advanced motion activated CCTV cameras

Ultra high definition CCTV cameras

Internet enabled CCTV cameras

The Benefits of Commercial CCTV in London

Commercial CCTV systems are particularly useful security devices because their very presence dissuades people from committing criminal offences.  They can help prevent incidences of theft, vandalism, assault and trespass on commercial premises.  If a criminal act should occur, they provide high-quality evidence that can be used in a court of law to obtain a conviction.  Commercial CCTV systems are also useful for monitoring employees and reducing he incidences of employee theft.

Here are just some of our other security solutions we can offer to you throughout London:

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