1st Choice for Automatic Gates in London

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1st Choice for Automatic Gates in London

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Over the past decade, 1st Choice Security Systems have been providing peace of mind through their installation of automatic gates in London.
1st Choice Security installers are a highly trained team of skilled security experts who are dedicated to offering you a comprehensive security solution, for your domestic or commercial property. Our automatic gates are an effective ‘first line of defence’ when it comes to keeping track of who enters your property.

Living or working in the UK’s busy capital city requires high levels of vigilance to ensure that your property and staff are defended against unwelcome visitors. Over the years we have worked across the city, providing a range of security gates, including driveway gates, electric gates and automatic gates, to commercial, industrial and residential properties. The diversity of our installations – from shopping centres to public parks – means that we can offer our customers the benefit of our experience both as security consultants and creative designers; we ensure that the automatic gates we provide gives you peace of mind whilst also being perfectly integrated with the aesthetics of your property.

Visit CAMESAFE and pop in our ID code (2541) for peace of mind!

Design of Automatic Gates / Security Gates in London

1st Choice Security Systems believe that a key element in the design of security solutions lies in understanding the unique needs of the client

Our security consultants will begin the process with a detailed discussion of your security needs, including a survey of your existing security systems, your specific security concerns, local planning constraints, health and safety issues and visitor patterns and behaviours. Once we have a clear picture of the kind of security gates that would work best for your business, or location, our security designers will set to work to provide a solution which integrates perfectly with existing systems, and provides a pleasing visual enhancement to your property. On each of the automatic gates in London we have installed, we have lived up to our promise of providing reliable, long-lasting and discrete security solutions.

Crime Rates in London

“Living in a busy city means living with crime.”

A recent report named London as the ‘UK’s burglary hotspot’ and the Metropolitan Police crime figures bear this out. Over the period Feb 2015-Feb 2016 there were 74,050 reported burglaries across London’s 33 boroughs; of these 47,738 were domestic burglaries, and 26,312 incidents occurred in non-domestic settings.

Your property can be protected from the multiple threats of vandalism, robbery, arson and trespass by installing electric gates in London boroughs.

Contact us today on 0800 118 2414 to book a consultation with one of our security experts who can advise you on the installation of automatic gates, electric gates or driveway gates to secure your property.

Lasting Security with Automatic Gates in London

Security is a process rather than a product and our services are designed to reflect this. We always install high-quality security gates systems, but we also offer rapid response on-the-spot care for your gates in London throughout their lifetime by providing maintenance, servicing and breakdown response to ensure a durable, risk-free environment.

Because we are a “full service” security company, we can also integrate your electric gate with other security infrastructure you may already have.


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If you have a requirement for repair, maintenance or servicing of your security gates in London, or surrounding areas, then please get in touch today. 24 hr Emergency Response on 0800 118 2414