Automatic Gates for Driveways

1st Choice Install Automatic Gates for Driveways

Automatic Gates for Driveways

1st Choice Installs Automatic Gates for Driveways

At 1st Choice Security Systems we fit automatic gates for driveways regularly, and we find that there are 3 main reasons why our clients decide to install them:

  • Convenience. For many of our clients the British climate drives their decision. They want to be able to park their car without having to stand in the rain to open or shut manual gates. 1st Choice Security Systems offer a range of entry methods including remotes, a key pad, or a card swipe.
  • Kerb Appeal. Automatic gates for driveways not only keep your home safe, they can also be head turners. The 1st Choice design and installation team create bespoke driveway gates in either wood, metal, or wrought iron. The gates can be finished to reflect the style and colour scheme of your property.
  • Security. Having residential driveway gates adds another layer of security to your property. When combined with an entry system they give you complete control over who enters your home or business. They’re also a clear demonstration that you take your security seriously. This is often enough to deter opportunistic criminals.

We take great care to fulfil each of these priorities equally when creating our bespoke automated gates for driveways.

Remote Controlled Convenience

Automatic gates for driveways are made up of motors which control the driveway gates, sensors which ensure its safe to close the gates, and a signal receiving mechanism. Most electric gate access control uses a transmitter in a fob or remote control. Once the signal is transmitted, the gate will open or close as you wish.

Alternatively, a video or audio intercom on the gate allows a member of the household to buzz expected visitors through. If the gates are to be accessed by a number of people – as a place of work, for example – a keypad can be installed for manual access

Automatic Gates With Kerb Appeal

The style of automatic gates for driveways is determined by two key factors, the operation of the gates, and the material they’re manufactured from. At 1st Choice we work closely with our clients to ensure they get a stylish gate that’s perfect for their property.

1. Swing or Sliding Gates

The dimensions of your driveway may have an impact on decisions you make about whether to go for swing gates or sliding gates. A swing gate needs some depth in order to incorporate the arc of the gate. A bi-fold gate can help with this as it halves the depth required. Sliding gates are ideal for driveways that are inclined. They require lateral space on one, or both sides of the driveway.

If you have a small driveway, there are a number of ways that we can customise your gates to accommodate the space you have.

2. Wood or Metal Gates?

There are now numerous options when considering what material your driveway gates will be made of.

  • Hard or Soft Wood gates are a popular choice for a traditional style of gate.
  • Aluminium gates offer a sleek, contemporary feel. They are light, incredibly strong and require very little maintenance.
  • Wrought Iron is a fashion that dates back to the 18th century. The filigree designs are beautiful, whilst still being strong, durable, and robust.

Securing Your Home With Automatic Gates

Automatic gates for driveways form a ‘first line of defence’ for the protection of your family. They also send out a clear message to opportunistic intruders who prefer properties with open access to those with gates. If you have a front garden, residential security gates can form an effective visual barrier which protects your privacy.

1st Choice installers offer clients a free security audit as part of the design and installation process. This assesses the effectiveness of existing security systems and identifies vulnerabilities which are currently unsecured. We may subsequently recommend residential CCTV, or intruder alarms as a means of enhancing your home’s security.

Automatic Gates for Driveways are a Long-Term Investment.

Our security gates are built to last; they do, however, take a good deal of punishment from the weather. 1st Choice recommends regular gate maintenance to ensure that the mechanism remains at peak performance. Well maintained gates can be relied upon to do their work of providing convenience, style and security for a decade or more.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems understands how important it is to be able trust installers fitting automatic gates on your driveway. All our engineers are DBS checkedSafeContractor approved, and SSAIB approved. We use a job management system to ensure maximum efficiency and we work to the ISO2001-2015 standard.

Automatic Gates For Driveways – FAQs

Do I Need Planning Permission For Automatic Gates?

Your gates should not open outward onto the road under any circumstances.

You will not need planning permission if you are erecting automatic gates that are entirely on your property and are less than 2 metres high. If gates are next to the highway, they should be 1 metre high, maximum.

If you are replacing an existing gate in the same location, you won’t need planning permission so long as it is the same height, or less, as the original. If it is higher, planning permission must be sought.

Some local authorities require planning permission for electric gate installations. To be on the safe side, it is best to check with the local council.

Do Electric Gates Use a Lot of Electricity?

Electricity use is minimal. When they are on standby, electric gates use approximately 100 watts of electricity in a 24hr period. When they are active, they use around 700 watts.

The average cost of electricity per annum for a set of driveway gates in regular use (10-15 times per day) would be around £15.

Can Automatic Gates Be Opened Manually?

Automatic gates need a manual override in case of a power cut. All 1st Choice automatic gates for driveways are fitted with a manual override that is designed to disengage the motor and the lock, so you can open and shut it by hand.

How Long Do Automatic Gate Motors Last?

Automatic gates for driveways should be serviced once a year to keep the motor in good condition. If this is the case, there’s no reason why a gate, subject to reasonable use each day (10-15 openings/closings), shouldn’t last 15 years.

Do Automatic Gates for Driveways Need Safety Edges?

Safety edges, also known as rubber contact strips, should be installed on any gate that may pose trapping, shearing, or crushing risks. These pressure-sensitive edges act as a safeguard, as they detect obstacles upon contact and promptly trigger the gates to stop and reverse away from potential danger.

How Much Do Electric Gates Cost?

This depends on a number of factors such as the size, style, material, and finish. 1st Choice Security installers make a site visit and talk through the options with you. Then we provide a free no obligation quotation for the specific driveway gates you want.

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