Automatic Gates Hertfordshire

Automatic Gates Hertfordshire

Automatic Gates Hertfordshire

Automatic Gates Hertfordshire

The towns and cities that make up the beautiful county of Hertfordshire rarely experience city centre burglaries focused on shops. In recent crime figures, 72% of burglaries were domestic, whilst just 27% were commercial. St Albans bucked this trend, however, when in late spring there were a series of attacks on busy shops in the centre.

Andrew Palfreyman, the Crime Reduction Inspector with Hertfordshire Police commented:

“We have carried out numerous campaigns to help inform and advise residents how to make their homes more secure and have also increased the number of homes that are in neighbourhood watch schemes.”

Thanks to this there has been a slight decrease in residential burglary, and the police are now focusing on crime prevention measures for local retailers.

1st Choice Provides Security Systems for Retailers

Whenever this kind of incident occurs the 1st Choice security team tend to get a number of enquiries from worried retailers and small businesses. We’ve worked with homeowners and in the commercial sector across Hertfordshire, and we’re a trusted source of expert advice. We’ll normally visit anxious business owners to take a look at their premises, assess the vulnerabilities, and make recommendations.

If the business includes a car park, a back yard, or a back entrance to the property, we’ll always recommend electric gates as an effective security solution. Gates give business owners control over who enters their property 24 hours a day, and the installation demonstrates that you’re serious about security. The 1st Choice security team can design bespoke security gates for small entrances, or driveways on an incline.

1st Choice Offers a Range of Security Solutions

Whatever the size of your business, or the budget you have to spend, 1st Choice is passionate about securing your business environment. Our aim is to create tailored security systems that eliminate vulnerabilities.

In order to do this we utilise a range of security devices, including:

  • Access Systems. These can be used in conjunction with security gates to control who enters your premises. Access devices can be installed inside and outside business premises. They can also be scheduled to operate at certain times of the day.
  • Alarms. We’re accredited installers of all kinds of commercial alarm systems, from ‘bells only’ to fully monitored systems.
  • CCTV Cameras. CCTV has been proven to act as a powerful deterrent to opportunist intruders. And should you suffer from a break in, our high quality cameras can provide evidence to help the police convict.
  • Industrial Doors and Roller Shutters. If you’re unable to have security gates fitted, 1st Choice would recommend installing steel security doors or roller shutters to keep your business secure when you’re not on the premises.

1st Choice Security Systems for Electric Gate Installation

1st Choice security engineers have been working across Hertfordshire for nearly two decades now. In that time we’ve provided expert advice and electric gate installation to numerous businesses and households. We can be trusted to create a security system that will work for your premises, and all our employees are accredited professionals with years of experience.

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In need of CAMESAFE Automatic Gates in Hertfordshire?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security gates.


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If you’re considering fitting automatic gates in Hertfordshire, call the county’s trusted installer – 1st Choice Security Systems – on 0800 118 2414