Biggleswade CCTV Installations

Biggleswade CCTV Installations

Biggleswade CCTV Installations

1st Choice Security Systems Provides Biggleswade CCTV Installation

Biggleswade is a thriving market town situated around 40 miles north of London. Its growth and development has always been dependent on its excellent communication links with the capital and this continues to the present day. An influx of commuters who want to take advantage of the nearby AI means there’s healthy population growth, which has lead to a number of new housing developments.

Like many urban centres in the UK, Biggleswade is currently battling with an upsurge in violent crime. In June 2018, two muggings occurred at knife point, and there has been a call for witnesses of the attacks. Knife crime is a priority for the police in Bedfordshire, and people living and working in Biggleswade have been advised to take steps to protect themselves and their property.

Business Security Systems for Biggleswade

Many of our business clients in Biggleswade have been contacting us for advice on securing their business premises. They are aware that knife crime has increased by 4% in the area, and they want to know how best to manage the threat. We’re always happy to provide support to businesses, and one of the steps we would recommend would be the installation of security camera systems in Biggleswade.

Why Install CCTV Cameras?

  • Instant Return on Investment – At 1st Choice Security Systems we would always advise a professional assessment of your premises to ascertain where the best positions for installing the cameras would be. Once they’re up and running, you’re assured of an instant enhancement of your security as you will have 24 hour surveillance of your business.
  • Preventative Security – the goal of all security systems is to prevent crime, rather than record it, and CCTV is an excellent deterrent. Often just installing the system is enough to significantly reduce the potential for criminal attacks on your premises. The UK Police note that the reduction of crime, as a result of installing CCTV, is significant.
  • Evidence if Attacks Take Place – CCTV footage makes a real difference to a police investigation. Not only can it help police identity the people involved; it can also be used in court to get a successful conviction.

Choosing Your Business Security Systems for Biggleswade

Once installed, CCTV cameras provide a low maintenance, reliable way of managing local surveillance of your property. 1st Choice Security Systems provide CCTV installations that use digital video recorders providing a user-friendly playback facility offering high quality uninterrupted playback at the touch of a button. Hard drives reset automatically to record over outdated CCTV footage once full.

When designing a CCTV system, businesses have two options:

Active Monitoring – this refers to ‘real time’ CCTV monitoring. Operators watching the various CCTV feedback offers excellent coverage, and can mobilise an instant response via local police, if necessary.

Passive Monitoring – this refers to a CCTV installation comprising a number of cameras that regularly scan business premises and record all activity for subsequent review.

1st Choice Can Provide a Comprehensive Security Diagnostic

However effective Biggleswade CCTV installations prove, they will never be able to offer 100% security for your business. The 1st Choice team can carry out a detailed security diagnostic of your business culminating in a report recommending a range of options to ensure 360 security for your business premises. This may include security gates; access controls; alarms; and door entry systems.

1st Choice can provide expert advice and support when choosing CCTV installations for your business, but whatever security system you choose to have installed, the very fact that your premises are secure in your absence provides peace of mind, and the chance to relax and enjoy the many delights that Biggleswade has to offer!logos

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