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5 Benefits of Installing CCTV in Schools

Children spend much of their childhood from the age of 4 through to 18 at school. It makes sense then, that school premises should provide a safe environment for children and teachers throughout those years. It’s no longer enough to simply lock up at the end of the day; a range of security measures, including CCTV in schools, is now required to ensure adequate protection.

Many of the schools 1st Choice Security Systems works with tell us that they need good security, but they don’t want a fortress. We get it. The security systems we install are effective without being overbearing. CCTV installation is particularly popular as a preventive security mechanism which delivers a variety of advantages for schools. In this blog we look at the top 5 benefits of installing a CCTV system.

1. Student Safety

Threats to student safety don’t just come from outside the school perimeter. A carefully designed CCTV system gives schools an overview of activities taking place in corridors, and public areas indoor and out. The presence of cameras helps to alert staff to bullying incidents, vandalism, unauthorised access and overcrowding on stairways or corridors between lessons.

2. Staff Safety

A comprehensive security system should provide teachers with the support they need to do their job without anxiety. The cameras also offer clear evidence should incidents occurring on school grounds require visual clarification. A CCTV system is designed to provide visual evidence, should wrong-doing occur; being able to identify wrong-doers can save difficult and often divisive internal investigations having to take place.

3. Restricting Access

Schools have traditionally been a community hub, allowing access to a range of visitors besides students and staff. Keeping track of who is on site, and where they are, is crucial to maintain a security perimeter. Equally important for parents is knowing whether students have left the school premises in the course of the day. A combination of access control and CCTV in schools offers a comprehensive tally of people on site.

4. When the School is Closed

The most vulnerable period for school premises is during the evenings, holidays or week-ends. The amount of digital equipment used by schools makes them a target for burglary at these times. The relatively open areas around the school perimeter can also be attractive to vandals or trespassers. Combining security gates for schools, monitored intruder alarms and CCTV cameras will prevent most opportunistic attempts to breach school boundaries.

5. School Evacuation

Should your school need to evacuate due to a fire, security or bomb threat, CCTV allows you to monitor the premises and ensure that there is no-one left inside. Where a security incident is threatening the safety of students and teachers, CCTV provides clear oversight for police officers of what is going on inside.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

For nearly two decades now, 1st Choice has been designing and installing bespoke security systems for schools and FE colleges. Our installers are DBS checked. We’re SafeContractor approved, work to the ISO2001-2015 standard, and we’re a DHF member. Should you need us in an emergency, we’re available 24 hours. We’ll provide a free security audit of your school premises, and offer recommendations based on its findings.

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