CCTV Installation for Watford

CCTV installation for Watford

CCTV Installation for Watford

Effective CCTV Installation for Watford

The busy town of Watford in Hertfordshire, sitting just fifteen miles northwest of London, is currently responding to a spike in violent crime and anti-social behaviour which occurred in December 2017 around the commercial centre of the town.

1st Choice Security Systems has experienced a rise in enquiries around Watford security systems, and a number of business owners and residential clients have been asking us whether CCTV installation is an effective deterrent against burglars and opportunist thieves. As CCTV camera installers we know, from first-hand experience, that burglars are less likely to plan burglaries where they know CCTV cameras are operating, but we always advise clients that the cameras need to be strategically placed, well-maintained, and ideally part of an holistic approach to security.

CCTV Installation for Watford Homes

Making the best use of CCTV cameras means placing them strategically and overtly in relation to your property. Professional CCTV camera installers will always recommend an assessment of your premises in order to ascertain the best positioning for cameras. Ideally you would want a CCTV camera able to pick up:

  •  Anyone approaching the house from the street
  •  Anyone approaching your car
  • Anyone staking out the property
  •  Anyone trespassing

If your property has more than one means of access, we would always recommend placing CCTV cameras to cover any means of approach as burglars will quickly work out how to evade the security measures you have in place. For most domestic premises, carefully placed CCTV and an alarm system will be an adequate deterrent against burglary and opportunistic crime.

CCTV Installation for Watford Businesses

Protecting your business often means protecting your premises, your employees and your product or assets. Designing effective Watford security systems always begins with a detailed onsite assessment, carried out by our experienced security designers and installers. CCTV cameras are useful to businesses for many reasons:

• Monitoring access to the premises
• Monitoring activity in car parking areas
• Monitoring warehouse activity and deliveries
• Providing security and safety for staff

It is likely, dependent on the size of the business, that our 1st Choice Security Systems specialists would recommend internal and external CCTV installation, alongside alarms, access control and possibly security gates. For a number of our clients, the images caught on CCTV during a robbery or vandalism, have expedited arrests and led directly to criminals being charged and convicted.

1st Choice can provide expert advice and support when choosing intruder alarms security for your business, but whatever commercial security system you choose to have installed, the very fact that your premises are secure in your absence provides peace of mind, and the chance to relax and enjoy the many delights that Hertfordshire has to offer!logos

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