CCTV Installations for Cambridge

CCTV Installations for Cambridge

CCTV Installations for Cambridge

1st Choice Security Recommends CCTV Installations for Cambridge

Crime figures show that the instances of burglary and car theft have shot up dramatically in Cambridgeshire. Earlier this year it was revealed that a record 6,548 homes had been targeted by criminal gangs operating in the region. Over the same period vehicle thefts rose by a third, for the third year running. The RAC suggested that thieves were simply bypassing car alarm systems, which was causing a spike in stolen vehicles.

Whilst crime figures are going up, cuts in police figures are hampering police efforts to catch and charge criminals. Only 5.7% of the Cambridgeshire burglaries ended up with a successful conviction. Detective Superintendent Ian Middleton acknowledges the seriousness of the situation, but suggests:

“The risk of being burgled in Cambridgeshire remains low and with a few sensible precautions residents can do a significant amount to lessen that risk still further.”

What Sensible Precautions Can Cambridge Residents Take?

One of the biggest concerns we’ve been hearing from Cambridge residents is the fact that police are not catching and charging enough burglars. There are concerns that this sends out a message suggesting that ‘crime pays’ in Cambridge. When clients talk about the ways in which they could counteract this dangerous narrative, we always talk about the benefits of CCTV installation as part of a comprehensive security system.

CCTV Has a Significant Desirable Effect on Crime

CCTV cameras can be fitted inside or out, providing continuous surveillance of your premises. Cameras, fitted with infra red lighting, and motion sensors if required, can provide live or recorded digital images remotely or via you network connection. CCTV is normally used as one element in a range of crime inhibitors such as intruder alarms, security gates, and access control systems.

CCTV Provides Situational Crime Prevention

The aim of CCTV is to change the environment in which a crime is likely to occur. The presence of cameras deters crime by:

  • Showing criminals that security measures are in place
  • Gathering identificatory evidence if a crime occurs
  • Mobilising a response

The location of a CCTV installations is crucial. For homes or businesses it needs to cover all possible entry points, and the system needs to be well maintained.

Do CCTV Installations in Cambridge Work?

Research into the effectiveness of CCTV installation shows that it’s particularly successful as a deterrent in vehicle-related crimes. When installed in car parks, and coupled with improved lighting, crime decreased by around 50%. There is also evidence that CCTV has a positive impact on opportunist crime, whilst planned burglaries will simply factor it in to their planning.

Why Work With 1st Choice Security Systems?

When we’re approached by home, or business owners, concerned about protecting their premises, we’ll always start by making a visit. This allows us to create recommendations for a comprehensive security system. It may be that clients will decide to install just one element initially, and we’re always happy to offer advice on where’s the best place to start .

We’re a ISO9001:2008 and Safe Contractor approved company. All our engineers are DBS checked to qualify them for work in schools and high security properties, and CSCS registered for work on construction sites.

If you would like to know more about the process of CCTV installation, call us today on 0800 118 2414 for advice or a diagnostic visit.


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