CCTV Installations for Milton Keynes

CCTV Installations for Milton Keynes

CCTV Installations for Milton Keynes

CCTV Installations for Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is probably the biggest success story of all the new town developments in the UK, it was also the last to be built. The town covers just under 120 square miles and has proved a powerful magnet to businesses; over 3,000 have relocated to Milton Keynes, and 71.5% of the businesses currently operating, actually started life there. Whilst still officially a town, the original brief for the architects was to build to the scale of a city; the range of parks, entertainment, and retail outlets demonstrate how completely that brief was fulfilled. Thankfully crime in Milton Keynes has been carefully managed since its inception in 1967, but the figures for Jan-Dec 2017 show a relatively high percentage of violent crime, arson, anti-social behaviour, and theft. 

CCTV Installations for Milton Keynes Keep Crime at Bay

We have installed CCTV systems for a variety of business clients in Milton Keynes over the years, and they are in no doubt that CCTV camera installations work in the following ways:

Crime Deterrence – CCTV systems can reduce crime by up to 51%; it is particularly effective at reducing the potential for theft and works best in conjunction with alarms, and security lighting.
Proactive Security – often CCTV systems can successfully alert the police to suspicious behaviour before the incident becomes serious.
Enhanced Confidence – CCTV camera systems help employees and customers more secure. Knowing there is a security system in place puts people’s mind at rest.

1st Choice Security Systems Advise on CCTV Installations for Milton Keynes

Our security design and installation team have provided Milton Keynes security systems to businesses, retail outlets, hotels and car parks. Our security engineers blend skills and experience to design infrastructures that are unique to our clients’ security needs. We carry out a detailed assessment of your business before making recommendations, but we would normally include CCTV camera installations as a foundational component in your holistic security infrastructure.

Why not call us now to find out how CCTV camera installations could start protecting your business?


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