CCTV Installations in Colchester

CCTV Installations in Colchester

CCTV Installations in Colchester

Our CCTV Installations in Essex Continue to Deter Criminals

For the majority of its residents, Colchester remains a safe place to live and work. Year on year crime reporting shows that crime levels across Essex are down 30,000 since 2005, and the local police have been successfully targeting prolific offenders over the past decade. In 2016, however, UK Crime Stats showed that despite a common perception that Colchester was a pretty safe area, either by day or by night, the town had the highest crime rate of anywhere in Essex. Local politicians have been quick to lay the blame at the door of government cuts in policing over the past few years but, whatever the reasons, 1st Choice Security Systems has seen a spike in CCTV security cameras being installed in Colchester town centre, throughout 2017.

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Our CAMESAFE Installers have the experience and knowledge gained from training to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety to all our CCTV systems in Essex


How do Commercial CCTV Installations in Colchester Deter Criminals?

With an average of 325 crimes per month in Colchester town centre since 2010, we’ve had calls from a number of local businesses and retail outlets, asking for advice on the most effective deterrent for petty, opportunist crime. A CCTV camera system comes top of our list, for the following reasons:

  • CCTV Cameras in Colchester catch burglars red-handed and help with convictions.
  • A CCTV Camera System can use a number of lightweight cameras to ensure coverage across your business.
  • Colchester Security Cameras are a powerful deterrent to opportunist and professional criminals.
  • Colchester Business CCTV allows you to monitor your premises wherever you are.
  • Installing Security Cameras in Colchester is a quick and easy job for our dedicated First Choice Security Systems installation team.

The Advantages of CCTV Installation in Essex 

The 1st Choice Security Systems team have been installing CCTV cameras in Essex for a number of years and they are clear about the ways in which a CCTV camera system serves to deter opportunistic criminals:

Increased Criminal Convictions – CCTV systems in Essex provide clear evidence when a criminal is caught on camera, but they also help in profiling criminal individuals and gangs.

Witness Detection – many crimes go unpunished because of a lack of witnesses to the criminal act; CCTV not only captures images of criminals, it also pinpoints the people who may have seen the crime unfold.

Camera Shy Criminals – just knowing that a business or a domestic property has a CCTV camera installation is off-putting enough to deter most opportunist criminals.

Professional Commercial CCTV Installations in Colchester Provide Peace of Mind

Opportunist crime happens when there’s no-one around, which makes leaving the office or shop unattended at the end of the day extremely stressful. Installing security cameras in Colchester, based on a professional assessment from the 1st Choice Security Systems team, relieves the anxiety and seriously reduces the probability of your business being targeted by vandals, trespassers, or thieves.

1st Choice Security Systems is your local security company of choice. We know security in Essex inside out and we will happily arrange a site visit to give you the benefit of our advice without any obligation. Call us on 0800 118 2414 or email We have installed CCTV systems in Chelmsford, Braintree, Harlow, Epping & more! 

If you are interested in learning more about a CCTV Installations in Colchester, contact us today on 0800 118 2414 for an obligation free quote!


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