Commercial CCTV Installation in Bedfordshire

Commercial CCTV Installation in Bedfordshire

Commercial CCTV Installation in Bedfordshire

5 Examples of Commercial CCTV Installation in Bedfordshire

What kinds of businesses invest in commercial CCTV installation in Bedfordshire? The first examples that spring to mind are shops, of course, and offices. Aside from these, though, the diverse business population of Bedfordshire is adopting this technology in a variety of locations. In this blog, 1st Choice offers an insight into 5 less obvious uses for commercial CCTV systems in the region.

1. Car Dealers and Garages

There are plenty of these scattered across Bedfordshire, and many of the county’s independent garages provide specialist luxury car services. These are typically the businesses that are targetted by organised crime because of the value of their stock. They’re also subject the opportunist vandalism and trespass. A commercial CCTV installation reduces the risk of theft and petty crime for car dealerships and garages.

2. Schools and Colleges

The school environment faces the challenge of being an open and welcoming environment, whilst also protecting students and premises from crime. A CCTV system is the ideal security deterrent. 1st Choice engineers design systems for schools that focus on vulnerable entry points (reception, or car parks) and maintain surveillance over valuable assets (computer rooms, IT servers).

3. Farms

Rural crime cost the East of England £8.1m last year, a rise of 17% from 2018. There’s clear evidence that farms are being targeted by criminal gangs who are after tractors, livestock and quad bikes. CCTV is an important defence for farmers as a well-designed system will capture high quality visuals which can be used in court. CCTV remains one of the most effective deterrents against petty crime and vandalism.

4. Construction Sites

Bedfordshire has seen plenty of construction sites across the county over the past few years. Unfortunately they’re a magnet for crime. There’s been a 50% surge in construction site crime over 2020, with the focus on plant, tools and vehicles. It seems that lax site security can be blamed for opportunistic raids. These can be reduced immediately through commercial CCTV installation.

5. Car Parks

Car parks are everywhere in Bedfordshire. They provide convenient access to shops, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities across the county. It’s rare that we think about the safety of our parked vehicles as we walk away from them. But their protection is dependent on a system of security which should include a commercial CCTV installationsecurity gates, and alarmed entrances. Without these, the car park environment is a haven for thieves.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice is a Bedfordshire businessWe’ve been installing commercial CCTV across the length and breadth of the county for over 15 years now. And we’ve built an excellent reputation for being a trusted security provider. Every installation starts with a site visit and a free security audit. Our security engineers will assess your existing systems, identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations for reducing your risk.

1st Choice Security Systems use a job management system to ensure maximum efficiency. Our vans are always fully stocked to guarantee 1st time fixes where possible and if you need us in an emergency, we’re available 24 hours. Our engineers are CRB checked, and SafeContractor approved. We work to the ISO2001-2015 standard.

If you’re considering fitting commercial CCTV in Bedfordshire, or you need maintenance and repairs call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 1182414