Commercial CCTV Installers

Commercial CCTV Installers

Commercial CCTV Installers

Commercial CCTV Installation

For nearly two decades now, 1st Choice Security Systems has been securing commercial premises across Bedfordshire, the Home Counties and North London. Commercial CCTV systems are one of our most popular installations because they are an effective deterrent against opportunity crime and, should criminal activity occur, they can provide clear evidence to help with the police investigation. As professional commercial CCTV installers there are a number of questions we get asked regularly by our clients, so this article will provide key information in answer to those queries.

How Many CCTV Cameras Does a Commercial Premises Need?

There’s no standard answer for this one. When a commercial client contacts us about CCTV, our installation team will always start out with a site visit. This includes a free security audit which assesses existing security measures, and plots site vulnerabilities. We make recommendations for the CCTV security required, based on the specifics of your site.

What Kind of CCTV Installation is Best for Business Premises?

Every business premises is different, so 1st Choice tailors the CCTV installation to suit your unique requirements. In order to do this we ask a series of questions; your answers will help us to create a bespoke system providing optimum surveillance for your business:

  • What is the size of the area that needs CCTV coverage? 1st Choice will fit the type of camera and lens that provides the surveillance your business requires.
  • Do you need top-quality night vision? If so, we can fit infra-red CCTV cameras for clear coverage night or day.
  • What period do you need to store recordings for? This will determine the storage capacity you need, and the camera definition.
  • Do you require remote access to your CCTV system? If so, our commercial CCTV installers will provide mobile app, or will connect the system to a 24/7 monitoring centre.
  • Are there any environmental conditions to consider? If CCTV installation is near a busy road, or outside, we’ll make adjustments for weatherproofing and camera stabilisation.
  • Do you need audio? We tend to focus on the visuals with CCTV, but audio recording can be extremely useful in specific business environments.

Where Should CCTV Cameras be Positioned?

As commercial CCTV installers these are the key commercial locations which we would highlight:

  • Security Gates. If you have electric gates fitted, their security function can be effectively enhanced by the installation of CCTV. This acts as a powerful deterrent to opportunist criminals who are likely to choose ‘easy’ targets.
  • Entrance to Business Buildings. If criminals are targeting a business, they’re likely to use tailgating techniques to gain access. CCTV may not be able to stop them, but it will identify perpetrators.
  • Reception Area. This is usually a busy area with people gain accessing and leaving the premises throughout the day. As such, it’s a prime location for CCTV cameras that can pick up anyone acting suspiciously.
  • Warehouse Facilities. Warehouses tend to be a prime target for criminals as they’re the place where high-value goods are stored. 1st Choice recommends keeping warehouse CCTV hidden so that criminals never know when they’re being watched.
  • IT Storage. Many businesses have their own servers; the room where they’re kept often double as safe storage for paper files and sensitive documents. Theft of IT data is now more prevalent, so it’s well worth having CCTV camera trained on your servers.

What Height and Angle is Best for CCTV Cameras?

This differs dependent upon what is being protected. However, our commercial CCTV installers recommend that cameras are mounted between 2m-5m. Any lower and they are subject the vandalism. Any higher and you risk pixelation. For smaller areas a CCTV camera with a 2.8mm lens will allow for a 90 – degree viewing angle. In larger areas a 16mm lens would be required, offering a 16 to 17-degree angle.

Working With 1st Choice Commercial CCTV Installers

1st Choice Security Systems are skilled and experienced commercial CCTV installers. We work with a range of businesses, from schools, to retail, busy office buildings and warehouse distribution centres. Our CCTV systems are bespoke to each business, and not only that:

  • 1st Choice CCTV Systems Adapt As Your Business Grows. Our systems are flexible, which means that cameras can be shifted or added as your business grows or changes.
  • 1st Choice Installs Top Quality CCTV Equipment. Our commercial CCTV installers have a great reputation, and we want to keep it that way. We install the very best brands, for optimum results.
  • 1st Choice Provides 24/7 Access to CCTV Feed. The business clients we work with need access to their CCTV feed 24 hours a day. Our CCTV systems can be accessed via your mobile.

Every member of the team is DBS checked, and 1st Choice is SafeContractor approved.

Would you like to speak to one of our commercial CCTV installers about fitting commercial CCTV? Call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 1182414