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1st Choice Security Systems for Commercial Intruder Alarms London

In a city the size of London, it can be difficult to know where to start protecting your business premises. Figures from the Metropolitan police stats demonstrate that business robbery in London accounts for around 10% of total reported robberies in the capital and that despite a fall in the numbers in the first decade of the 21st century, figures are now rising steadily once more.

Here at 1st Choice Security Services, we see how disruptive, and unnerving, a burglary can be for the staff and owners of a business. Burglary has repercussions far beyond the physical loss and if the security systems were faulty or insufficient, providing little or no deterrent to burglars, your insurance company is likely to take a very dim view on covering your losses.

Commercial Intruder Alarms London Are an Excellent Deterrent to Burglars

An intruder alarm system for London-based firms needs to do more than just raise the alarm once the burglar has gained entry. Simple alarm systems are designed to alert neighbouring premises of the intrusion, and they depend upon proactive local residents to call the police. In most areas of London, however, alarms are going off so regularly that people have learnt to ignore them. We would always advise business owners in London that commercial intruder alarms need to be linked to a reliable alarm-monitoring centre, offering 24-hour protection, and a readiness to alert local police to a burglary should one occur.

Why 1st Choice for Commercial Intruder Alarms London?

Commercial Intruder Alarms LondonFor nearly two decades 1st Choice Security Systems has been providing business alarms for London. We have both the skills and the hands-on security experience to be able to assess your business premises, determine its vulnerabilities, and provide a tailor-made solution which will provide ongoing protection to your employees and physical assets, reassurance to your customers, and a guarantee for your insurers. All our commercial intruder alarms provide business owners and authorised users with complete control over the alarm settings, and our handover process includes instruction on the settings we would recommend, based on the levels of risk diagnosed in your business premises.

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  • 1st Choice Security Systems have worked with us repeatedly on several school projects, their attitude, competency, lead time and after care has been excellent throughout and I would highly recommend them.–Kelly O’Dowd, Beechill Primary School

  • 1st Choice Security Systems I replaced my home security system with 1st Choice Security just over 1 year ago, delighted with what they advised and subsequently installed, it is apparent from anyone passing the house that I have an “active system” that deters potential intruders. Following on from the domestic system, 1st Choice Security have installed a CCTV system and intruder deterrent system at my business premises. I have no hesitation recommending 1st Choice; they are a professional company offering a proficient service and scalable systems that meets my specific demands and offers potential for expansion.–Leslie Eyre, Downstream Estates Ltd

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