Door Entry Systems London

Door Entry Systems London

Door Entry Systems London

Door Entry Systems London

A door entry system fulfils a core commercial security design function for businesses, schools and apartment blocks across London. It provides a secure mode of communication with visitors wanting to gain access to the building. Once identity has been ascertained access can be granted remotely. Most important, no-one can enter the building anonymously, and all visitors can be accounted for.

The simplicity of secure door entry systems in London makes them effective in a variety of different environments. There are, though, a number of different types of application, which is why 1st Choice Security Systems tailors its installations to the specific requirements of our clients.

Basic Door Entry Systems in London

Where the door entry system provides access to a reception area, or goods facility, a basic audio door entry system is an excellent option. Visitors press a button on the external panel. This activates an internal handset or microphone. Once the visitor states their identity, or purpose of visit, a button is pressed internally to ‘buzz’ them through.

Card Reader Door Entry System

If your point of access is used by numerous employees throughout the day, a business access control system offers the ideal solution. The door entry system is fitted with an electronic reader, and all employees are given cards, badges or key fobs that will allow them to gain entry automatically.  This system can also be used to permit access to specified areas of the building only.

Video Door Entry Systems

London has more than its fair share of residential apartment blocks, all of which require a secure entry system. As the entrance can be a distance from any given apartment, the use of a video door entry system is perfect. It allows residents to check visitors are who they say they are, or request visual identification before letting them into the shared areas.

Wireless Systems

These are now one of the most popular options with our London clients. Wireless door entry systems no longer require the respondent to be at a fixed point in the building. They can respond, and gain access from anywhere on the premises. One major advantage of a wireless system is that smartphone entry replaces the need for access cards, fobs or codes that require changing regularly.

1st Choice Installs the Best Option for Your Business

1st Choice Security Systems engineers offer a free audit of you existing security installations before offering advice or guidance on the kind of door entry system that’s appropriate to your business. We’ll also consider the design options that will best suit your purposes. Our entrance panels can be surface mounted to stainless steel flush-fitted vandal-resistant units. And they can be fitted to match your business branding.

Where we feel that your security system could be enhanced by commercial CCTV, alarms or security gates, we’ll make recommendations and provide a free no obligation quotation. Our goal is always to provide effective, and cost-efficient security systems to our London clients.

Looking for door entry systems throughout London? 1st Choice Security Systems offers high quality tailored systems and professional installation. Call us on 0800 118 2414