Driveway Gate Repair

Driveway gate repair

Driveway Gate Repair

Driveway Gate Repair

Automatic driveway gates are designed to provide ease of entry to and from your home, as well as enhancing the security of your premises. Using a professional installer, and maintaining your gates regularly considerably reduces the risk of electric gate breakdown, but it can’t eradicate it completely. Driveway gates are subject to a whole range of problems – including snow, slugs and severe winds – that make repairs at some point an inevitability.

Signs That Electric Gate Repairs Are Necessary

It’s worth knowing the signs that your automatic gates need attention. It’s usually the case that attending to minor problems early on can save a larger repair bill further down the line. The 5 signs to look out for are:

  1. Delays in the opening/closing operation
  2. Sensors failing to detect vehicles
  3. Gates opening or closing on their own
  4. Misalignment of gates
  5. Grinding or dragging sound when gates open or close

If you observe any of these warning signs that driveway gate repair is necessary, take action straight away.

Types of Driveway Gate Repair

There’s a whole variety of reasons why automatic gates break down but, thankfully, the solution is often quick to remedy – especially if we catch problems early.

  • Motors. The motor for your driveway gate will need replacing at some point. Its lifetime is dependent on the volume of use and the quality of maintenance your gate receives.
  • Drainage. If your motor is installed underground it needs adequate drainage to protect it against waterlogging. If not, heavy rain can overwhelm it and necessitate a motor replacement.
  • Electrics. The great British weather can play havoc with electrical components in your driveway gate. Most common are problems with access control intercoms, gate release keypads, photocells and access control boards.
  • Impact. If your electric gate has suffered an impact with a vehicle, it’s likely to have left it misaligned, or with a damaged motor. In either case immediate repairs are recommended.
  • Slugs. Yes slugs. They love control boxes and often make their nests in there. Not our favourite part of the job, but one that’s easily remedied.

Professional Driveway Gate Repair

Professionally installed automatic driveway gates are precision engineered to suit your specific environment. As such they require professional maintenance and repairs to ensure that they continue to provide the very best performance for our customers. 24 hour repairs are part of of our maintenance contracts which means that we’re available day or night if you have a problem.

1st Choice Security Systems repair engineers work in a range of high pressure environments, so we’re used to working fast and effectively. We use a job management system to ensure that there’s always an engineer available to deal with your repairs, and our vans are always fully stocked to guarantee first time fixes wherever possible. We’re SafeContractor approved, 1st Choice is a member of the DHF, and we always work to the ISO2001-2015 standard.

Looking for prompt, reliable automatic driveway gate repair? 1st Choice Security Systems provide a 24 hour professional service. Call us on 0800 118 2414