Electric Gate Repair South London

Electric Gate Repair South London

Electric Gate Repair South London

Rapid Response for Electric Gate Repair in South London

Once you’ve installed security gates in South London, you quickly become used to the peace of mind they provide. Research shows that they’re an excellent preventive mechanism against opportunist criminals looking for an easy target. Beyond that, though, these good-looking sentinels provide a ‘first line of defence’ for your commercial or domestic property, especially when combined with CCTV and access control.

When commercial or domestic electric gates break down, therefore, it’s a matter of urgency to get them repaired as quickly as possible. Especially if you’re having difficulty entering or leaving your property due to your security gates failing to open. For this reason, 1st Choice Security Systems has a rapid response repair team dedicated to electric gate repair in South London.

What Kind of Electric Gate Repairs are Required?

1st Choice Security Systems are available around the clock for electric gate repair in South London. This means that we see an awful lot of broken security gates, but the faults tend to be pretty consistent. Here are the 5 most common types of security gate repairs our engineers carry out:

  1. Impact Damage. As you might expect, we attend a fair few commercial electric gates that have been damaged through impact with delivery vehicles or cars. Often the hinges on the gate are damaged leaving the gate misaligned. More problematic is damage to the point where the motor attaches to the gate. This can require a gate replacement.
  2. Electrical Components. Security gate motors are subject to the whole range of British weather, from snow, to heatwave, to pounding rain. Often electrical components fail as a result of ongoing weather impact. We regularly deal with faults in control boards, access control intercoms, gate release keypads and photocells.
  3. Worn Motors. Electric gate motors are robust but they wear out over time. Regular maintenance and servicing can go a long way to maximising the life of your motor, but replacement has to be factored in to the life cycle of your gates.
  4. Poor Drainage. Gate motors can be installed above or below ground. If your below ground motor is installed without adequate drainage, it will gradually become waterlogged and eventually fail. The motor will need replacing and the drainage issue dealt with.
  5. Slugs. Yes, they get everywhere!! In a number of cases electric gate repairs in London are necessitated by nothing more than the fact that a slug has crawled into the control box.

Maintenance and Servicing

Regular maintenance and servicing of security gates in London will prevent most unexpected breakdowns. 1st Choice engineers visually check all fixings and electrical equipment, inspect the installation for water ingress, and lubricate the manual release devise to provide peace of mind that the system is working efficiently. If upgrades or replacement parts are necessary, we’ll let you know in advance in order to mitigate against the need for emergency repair.

1st Choice Security Systems in London

1st Choice Security Systems has been providing bespoke security gate design, installation, maintenance and electric gate repair in South London for over a decade now. We’ve built a great reputation for prompt, professional service and we’ll never leave you without fully operational security gates if we can avoid it.

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