Electric Gates Beaconsfield

Electric Gates Beaconsfield

Electric Gates Beaconsfield

1st Choice Installs Electric Gates in Beaconsfield

There’s always a sense, when you arrive in Beaconsfield, that you may have slipped into a parallel universe where 1930s Britain is alive and well. The ‘Old Town’ could be a location for any of Agatha Christie’s novels, or the adventure stories of Enid Blyton who lived in the town. Aptly, Beaconsfield is also home to the oldest model village in the world.

The 1st Choice team know the town well, for thoroughly 21st reasons; many of the residents and retailers choose to install electric gates on their Beaconsfield driveways or premises.

Why Install Electric Gates in Beaconsfield?

The crime statistics for Beaconsfield would be a severe disappointment to Agatha Christie. In 2019 there were just 19 incidents of violent crime, and 5 burglaries. In more urban environments electric gates tend to be installed as a ‘first line of defence’ for properties and premises. This is clearly not the case in Beaconsfield. Instead, electric gates are considered first as an enhancement to the property, and second, as an effective way to regulate who has access to the front door.

Designing Electric Gates in Beaconsfield

Every automatic gate installed by 1st Choice Security Systems is a bespoke design. This is particularly important in Beaconsfield where many of gates we’re installing are for period properties. Every aspect of our gate installation can be customised, providing a range of choices which include:

  • Swing gates or sliding gates
  • Bi-fold gates
  • Wood, steel or wrought iron gates
  • Bespoke designs to match the style and aesthetic of the property
  • A range of motor speeds
  • Finishes to match the style of the property

Door Entry Systems in Beaconsfield

If privacy is a primary reason for installing electric gates in Beaconsfield, a door entry system may be advisable. This comprises an external audio, or video panel allowing two way communication between visitors and the householder, or business receptionist. The system gives you the opportunity to see/hear and assess unknown visitors before opening the gates and granting them access.

Free Security Audits From 1st Choice Security Systems

We always carry out a security assessment of the properties or premises we work on, before starting work on the gates design. This allows us to ascertain the vulnerabilities of the location, and provide the very best security solutions for our clients. Despite the low crime rate in Beaconsfield, we still want to ensure that the gates we fit provide an effective layer of protection for families or employees.

Why Choose 1st Choice Security Systems?

We’re a leading provider of automatic gates for Buckinghamshire. For over a decade now 1st Choice has been enhancing the privacy and security of clients’ homes and businesses elegantly and effectively. Every employee brings both the skills required, and years of experience creating effective gate solutions for a range of properties and premises. We can be relied upon to fit gates that enhance both your property, and your privacy.

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Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security systems.


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