Electric Gates in North London | Electric Gate repairs in North London | Electric Gate Company in North London

electric gates in north london

Electric Gates in North London | Electric Gate repairs in North London | Electric Gate Company in North London

Electric Gates in North London

As part of our busy start to the year, we recently carried out the replacement of these Electric Gates in North London. These automatic gates, leading into an apartment complex in Stanmore, had stopped operating and, after a consultation, were deemed irreparable due to long term wear and age. The gates were unable to fully close, leaving the site vulnerable to unwanted and unauthorised visitors.

Why consider Electric Gates in North London?

According to the Metropolitan Police crime statistics there were 74,029 burglaries between February 2014-February 2015 in London. For both residential and commercial properties, automatic gates can give you peace of mind for the security of your property.

It’s very common to find these types of electric gates in north London and all across the city

They present a strong impression of security, as they can only be opened by a code known only to residents, or a key fob that remotely unlocks them. Automatic gates are great for securing sites against unwanted visitors, and especially help cut down on theft. Sadly though, it’s so easy for them to fall into disrepair through wear, neglect and vandalism. When gates don’t work like they should, it negates the security that they should provide.

1st Choice For Electric Gate repairs in North London

Electric gate repairs are one of our key markets, and we’re proud of the service and efficiency we bring to our work. The automatic gate repairs we undertook here in Stanmore were completed in no time at all, with minimum disruption to residents. As you can see from the pictures, the old mechanisms and motors were worn and rusted. We replaced them with new fixings, which were then adjusted to ensure they were operating correctly through both the opening and closing sequence. These repaired automatic gates are now fully operational and once again provide the kind of security that electric gates in North London should.

If you have a requirement for repair, maintenance or servicing of your electric gates in North London, the Home Counties, or across the capital, then please get in touch today.

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