Electric Gates Installer Milton Keynes

Electric Gates Installer Milton Keynes

1st Choice Security System is Recommended Electric Gates Installer Milton Keynes

The 1st Choice team recently got a spike in calls for security gates in Milton Keynes. We straight away took a look at the crime figures for the area and discovered that the most recent statistics show a 14% rise in burglaries over the past year. This is shocking in its own right, but crime as a whole has gone up across the region with a 9% rise in violent crime also recorded.

The reduction in police numbers is currently being blamed for a national concern about rising crime. Each one of us may register our anxiety but we can’t change police funding overnight. What we can do is take steps to make our property more secure. And that’s what numerous homes and small businesses are doing in Milton Keynes.

Do Milton Keynes Security Gates Stop Crime?

UK Police Guidance states that premises that don’t put security measures in place are 5 times more likely to be burgled. Our clients often ask what they should put in place to be more secure. The 1st Choice team advise that a range of security installations provides the best protection. Having said that, electric gates are an effective defence against opportunistic burglars. They also send out a clear message that you take security seriously.

1st Choice Provide Expert Guidance on Automatic Gates

The 1st Choice Security Systems installation team have been fitting security gates in Milton Keynes for over a decade now. We’ll always visit your property or premises before advising you on an installation. Having assessed your existing security, and potential vulnerabilities, we’ll make suggestions based on our analysis.

In many cases security gates will minimise risk of burglary significantly. If we feel that additional security measures would be advantageous, we’ll advise accordingly. We always aim to create a comprehensive security system for your home, or business. That way you have the peace of mind you need, that your loved ones, or your commercial premises, are protected 24 hours each day.

Bespoke Electric Gates for Milton Keynes

Electric gates are now a hugely popular way to maintain control over entry to your property. Because of this, they’re now available in a range of styles, materials and models. We tailor every gate we install to the context in which it’s operating. From heavy metal installations in warehouses, to wrought iron gates in period properties we have the security gates that are right for you.

Additional Security Features for Automatic Gates

  •  Access Control: This is popular with older clients, or people living on their on. It allows you to communicate with visitors. You’re able to check their identity before granting access.
  • CCTV: If you want to monitor non-gated entry points to your property, CCTV allows you to keep tabs on any suspicious activity, and provide clear evidence to the police if required.
  • Alarm Systems: Should any trespassers attempt to climb over your gate, or force entry, an alarm will alert you, or the police, to their presence.

A Highly Rated Electric Gate Installer in Milton Keynes

We’ve been developing our client network in Milton Keynes for over ten years now, and we’re delighted to be a trusted local supplier. Our skilled security gates designers and installers have both the skills and the experience to create your comprehensive security system. We offer a personalised installation service and a free no obligation quote on every job.

Visit CAMESAFE and pop in our ID code (2541) for peace of mind!

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If you have a requirement for repair, maintenance or servicing of your automatic gates in Milton Keynes, or surrounding areas, then please get in touch today. 24 hr Emergency Response on 0800 118 2414