Electric Gates South London


Electric Gates South London

Bespoke Electric Gates in South London

Residents living in wealthier areas of South London were targetted in late 2018 by a gang of organised criminals. They moved from house to house, using stolen vehicles as transport, stealing car keys and handbags. Over 40 households experienced theft at their hands, often whilst they slept upstairs. The youngest of the gang, who’ve now been apprehended and sentenced was just 17.

Recent analysis from over two and a half million insurance claims demonstrated that the South West London postcodes of Teddington and Richmond-Upon-Thames are burglary hotspots. Data scientist, Emma Garland, commented on the figures:

“For thieves, it’s all about risk versus reward – if the reward looks likely to exceed the risk, they are going to target that home. Homeowners must do as much as possible to tip the balance in their favour and make things harder for burglars.”

Security Gates Send a Clear Message

1st Choice Security Systems engineers are regular visitors to South London. Where clients have a driveway, we always recommend the installation of security gates. They stop criminals in their tracks, and send out a clear message that you’re serious about security. In the majority of cases, the sight of electric driveway gates is enough to deter opportunistic burglars and vandals.

Security gates provide you with peace of mind that you can control who gains access to your property, and when supported by CCTV, and an access control system, they form a centrepiece to your comprehensive domestic security strategy.

Types of Electric Gates in South London

Dependent on the shape and location of your driveway, we can fit either swing or sliding electric gates for South London residents. Swing gates can be set to swing either inwards or outwards. Sliding gates are ideal if you have a driveway on an incline, or one that is fairly close to the house. 1st Choice design engineers can advise you on the motor speed, and positioning. In the majority of cases we create bespoke security gates, tailored to the exact proportions of your driveway.

A Range of Styles and Finishes

Security gates don’t need to give the appearance of a fortress to be effective. We have over a decade of experience in designing gates to match the style and architecture of the homes they guard. We work in a range of materials including wrought iron, wood and aluminium. Electric driveway gates can be finished in colours that best suit your requirements.

1st Choice Holistic Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems engineers are skilled an experienced systems designers. We can give expert advice on the security vulnerabilities your property presents. And we’ll offer innovative solutions to protect your household against organised crime. We can also integrate your security system into your smart home hub. This ensures that you can control your security system remotely, and monitor your property using your phone.


1st Choice Security Systems has been fitting bespoke electric gates in South London for over a decade. For high quality, stylish security gates make us your 1st Choice.


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