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Maintenance and servicing of your roller shutter doors is essential

Not only to keep them in good condition, but to ensure you comply with your responsibilities under The Health and Safety Act.

How often do I need to service my industrial doors?

It is recblue shuttersommended that servicing is carried out at least every 12 months but this will depend on usage. If your shutters are receiving high usage then we would recommend that 2 service visits are carried out per annum. High usage would be considered as more that 20 activations per day.



  1. Check that all fixing bolts, screws and bolts and ensure they are tight.
  2. Generally clean the curtian of the shutter doors.
  3. Wipe any excess old grease off the tracks and apply new grease.
  4. Check operation of any shoot bolts and locks, also hand chains.
  5. Clean any hand chains
  6. Check motor, limits and connections.
  7. Check safety features

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