Folding Gates for Driveways

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Folding Gates for Driveways

Automatic driveway gates look good, but they also provide a first line of defence for residential properties. For that reason, all the electric gates installed by 1st Choice Security Systems engineers are bespoke. We always ensure that our driveway gates:

  • Integrate with the aesthetics of your home
  • Are suited to the dimensions of your property
  • Provide a practical deterrent to opportunistic crime

Many of the properties we design gates for, especially in cities, don’t have the luxury of a sweeping drive. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t enjoy the benefits of having automatic gates installed on your property. Folding gates for driveways are an excellent solution for residences where space is limited. 1st Choice Security Systems designers have a range of creative solutions to bring to these scenarios.

Bi Folding Gates For Driveways

When deciding on the kind of automatic gates to install, you’ll need to test the size of the arc your gates will need to pass through. If there isn’t enough space for swing gates to open onto your driveway, without hitting an obstacle, you need another solution. Sliding gates are an option, but many of our clients lack the lateral space to allow for the gates to slide back from their closed position.

Bi-fold gates look like traditional swing gates, except that they’ve been cut in half vertically. So there are four hinged panels rather than two. As the gates open, the centre sections fold into the sections nearest the post. This means that the arc of travel is halved, making bi-fold gates a great solution for wide but shallow driveways.

Securing Your Property With Driveway Gates

Our design process always begins with a free security audit of your property. Our experienced security engineers are able to determine where the vulnerabilities are, and how your driveway gates can close them down. There are a range of security tools that can be integrated into your gate design, and we’ll recommend the ones that are appropriate for your home:

  • HD CCTV. Having a visible CCTV device integrated into your bi-fold gates installation can make a real difference when it comes to reducing the risk of opportunistic trespass, doorstep scamming, vandalism and burglary. If your home is the target of crime, high quality CCTV footage aids the police in finding and successfully prosecuting the criminals.
  • Door Entry Systems. This is a device that allows someone inside the house to speak with, or see, unexpected visitors before letting them through the gates. A door entry system uses an audio or video panel, with a button for opening the gate. In this way, only people you know and trust are able to enter into a face-to-face conversation with you at your front door.

Why Work With 1st Choice Security Systems?

For over a decade now, 1st Choice has been installing automatic gates for driveways in North London, Bedfordshire and the Home Counties. We know from talking to clients how important it is that they’re able to trust installers of folding gates for driveways. That’s why all our engineers are DBS checked, SafeContractor approved, and SSAIB approved. If you’re looking for skilled and experienced professionals, who care about quality, give us a call.

“The quality is top rate and the gate looks fantastic, excellent customer service. Thank you.”

Rebecca Parks

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Worried your driveway is too small for automatic gates? 1st Choice fit folding gates for driveways that don’t have the space for swing or sliding gates – 0800 118 2414


  • 1st Choice Security Systems - The quality is top rate and the gate looks fantastic, excellent customer service. Thank youRebecca Perks

  • 1st Choice Security Systems - When I was looking for a state of the art security solution for my house, I was provided with an in-depth site survey & Consultation (Free of charge) before being given a fantastic service. I am very impressed and would highly recommend.Dev Patel