Gate Automation Installers

Gate Automation Installers

Gate Automation Installers

1st Choice Security Systems are Gate Automation Installers

The number one benefit of installing security gates is the peace of mind it offers householders. Whether you’re concerned about an older relative living alone, or you’re looking for access control for your family, a security gate is invaluable. The physical barrier acts as an absolute deterrent to opportunistic crime, whilst also adding to the value of your home.

A secondary benefit our clients tell us they appreciate, is the convenience and ease of gate automation. After a long drive home, gates that swing, or slide open as you approach your driveway takes a lot of beating. They’re also invaluable for families with children. Once the gates have swung shut, there’s no worry about your children running onto the road whilst you retrieve your shopping.

What Are Gate Automation Systems?

1st Choice security designers and installers create bespoke security gate designs for clients. This means that we will include an automation system as part of your design.

Having assessed your property, we will install one of two options:

  •  Below Ground Automation System. If you have stylish, or decorative security gates fitted, you’ll most likely not want a visible automation system. Our below ground option is installed near the gate post, and requires drainage to work efficiently.
  • Above Ground Automation System. This is normally utilised for security gates installed in commercial or industrial premises. The visibility of the automation system alerts opportunistic criminals to the potential of alarm systems, and acts as a further deterrent.

Features Included in Gate Automation

1st Choice driveway gate installers are always keen to provide a tailored experience for your home or business. For that reason we provide a range of features that allow your gates to be tailored to your daily routine.

1. Speed and Timing. Households can set the timing of the gates opening, or closing. The speed of the gates can also vary. You may wish the gate to slow down, just before it makes contact with the slam plate, to reduce noise and impact disturbance.

2. Full or Semi-Automatic Control. Clients decide whether they wish the gate to close automatically once the car or person has passed through. Alternatively, the gate can be set to remain open until it is given a second command to close.

3. Free or Restricted Entry. Dependent upon the routine of your premises, you may wish to allow unrestricted entry at certain times of the day. This is a useful function for small businesses that expect their workforce to arrive at a specified time each day.

4. Restricted Security Gate Entry. This is easily achieved, by fixing an access control system to your automated gates. This could involve an audio or video identity feature. Alternatively, access could be restricted to password holders who would key in using numeric sequence keypads.

1st Choice is an Automatic Gate Installation Company

For over two decades now 1st Choice Security Systems has been providing high quality bespoke security gates across Bedfordshire, the Home Counties and North London. Our skilled and experienced security system engineers offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating comprehensive security for your home or workplace.

If you would like more information about gate automation systems, and security gates, call the 1st Choice Security Systems team on 0800 118 2414

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