Installing Door Entry Systems in Luton

door entry systems in Luton

Installing Door Entry Systems in Luton

More and more landlords are choosing to install door entry systems in Luton

The added security for their tenants reduces the risk of damage to the property through forced entry. It gives the tenants control over who can enter the building, and enables them to monitor and restrict undesirable visitors.

There were 86 burglary offences between May 2014-April 2015 in Luton Town Centre alone. For both residential and commercial properties, door entry systems can give you peace of mind for the security of your property in Luton and surrounding areas such as Caddington, Markyate, Dunstable, Harpenden and Barton Le Clay.

These extra security measures can be a worthwhile investment. Insurers look favourably on buildings with door entry systems / intercom systems as they make the building much less attractive to potential burglars. As there is less chance of the tenant making a claim on contents insurance, the premiums can fall so that installing a system can actually save you money.

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You may have noticed that many door entry systems in Luton are now accessed via a key fob or card

This gives the added piece of mind that the whole system won’t need replacing if the key is lost, stolen or broken. It is simply deactivated and another key is activated in its place. This is no more hassle than having a key cut and costs far less.

And if you rush out of the house forgetting to lock the door behind you, there is no need to panic. Many of our door entry systems in Luton have a weighted lock so that they will close themselves if left open. Some also have an alarm that will sound if residents attempt to prop the door open to let their own guests in and out unaided. Rather than compromise the security of the entire building, the alarm sounds until the door is able to close.