Intruder Alarm Systems for Watford

Intruder Alarm Systems for Watford

Intruder Alarm Systems for Watford

Intruder Alarm Systems for Watford

Looking for an advanced commercial business security system that works harder for you?

1st Choice Security Systems specialises in 100% bespoke security systems for Watford, covering businesses of all sizes and all budgets.

Over the past couple of years, certain areas of Watford have found their way into the press for all the wrong reasons. Claims of elevated crime rates and waves of criminal activity broadcast nationwide by the tabloids, painting a negative picture of this traditional Hertfordshire town. In reality, the crime rate in Watford is pretty much on track with local and national averages. Not the best performer in the country, but certainly not the worst by far.

The thing is, any business can be as safe and secure as its owners want it to be. Leave things to fate and there’s no way of knowing if or when you’ll be targeted. By contrast, make the effort to boost security in the workplace and you can prevent most attacks from taking place outright. Armed with the very best alarm systems in Watford, the likelihood of your premises falling victim to attack can be reduced to the absolute minimum.

Custom Intruder Alarm Systems

We specialise in advanced security systems for Watford, crafted from scratch to suit the needs of each client we work with. Whatever the size, type and requirements of your business, we can provide you with the kind of security system that delivers priceless peace of mind as standard. Our custom alarm systems can be designed and installed in absolutely any kind of specification – whatever works best for your business and your budget.

Along with identifying when and where security is breached on your premises, our custom intruder alarm systems also serve as the ultimate deterrent. Simply by knowing that your business is covered by state-of-the-art security, opportunist criminals are far less likely to target your premises. What’s more, we also offer a full range of 24/7 security monitoring packages to take your alarm system to the next level.

Our alarm systems can be connected to both the owner of the building and the local police force, generating an immediate notification should the alarm be activated. This way, even a successful attempt to breach your security system can be dealt with and stopped as quickly as possible. It’s a little like having a 24/7 manned security presence on the premises, only for an exponentially lower cost.

The Region’s Number-One

Here at 1st Choice Security Systems, we take pride in offering the total service package from start to finish. Along with bespoke security solutions designed from scratch, we also offer a full range of on-going maintenance and repair services. Even if your security system wasn’t designed and installed by us, we can help ensure it’s kept in the best possible condition and working order.

For more information on any of our services or to book a consultation, get in touch with the 1st Choice Security Systems customer service team today.

1st Choice for Intruder Alarm Systems for Watford

Our dedicated team of security systems designers and installers have the skills and experience to be able to create a complete security solution for your business, including intruder alarms security.


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If you’re looking for an Intruder Alarm Systems for Watford or even looking for some advice before moving forward, why not contact 1st Choice Security Systems to discuss your requirements further.