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1st Choice Security Systems Provides A Range of Intruder Alarm Systems

Whilst high profile hacks of digital systems tend to grab the headlines, most business owners would still prioritise their physical assets and premises as a number one priority when it comes to security systems. At 1st Choice Security Systems we would always advise businesses that in order to achieve peace of mind when premises are left unattended, the intruder alarm system remains an effective staple in your security arsenal. Local police forces, who are often the first on the scene to deal with burglary incidents agree; intruder alarm systems remain an active deterrent to burglars.

Choosing the Right Intruder Alarm System for Your Business

Intruder Alarm Systems

No two businesses are the same and when the 1st Choice Security Systems team are called out to advise

We always spend time getting to know the nature of the business conducted in order to be able to offer an appropriate level of protection. Fitting an intruder alarm system, whilst not hugely expensive, will always represent an investment for a business, and many employees’ livelihoods may be dependent on it, so it’s important to be sure that you have chosen a system that will be an effective deterrent in your absence.


DIY or Professionally Installed Intruder Alarm Systems? – of course we’re going to suggest the latter – but for good reason!

Many insurance companies insist on a professionally installed intruder alarm system, and police monitoring is usually not available if a professional has not been involved.

Simple Alarms – one of the cheapest systems to install is the ‘bells only’ alarm system. Despite being a basic option it is still highly effective in alerting the local community to a potential burglary. If your business is located in an isolated spot, or you work in a business area that is deserted after 6.00pm, this is a less attractive option for you.

Monitored Systems – these systems guarantee a response to your alarm, either from designated ‘keyholders’ or from the local police force. A monitored intruder alarm system will send an alert to an Alarm Receiving Centre who will then forward the alert on. In order to have police monitoring a URN, or Unique Registration Number is required which is available only via a professional installer.

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Controlling Your Intruder Alarm System

Our highly experienced team will be able to guide you through choices of whether to use landline, mobile or broadband as the carrier for your intruder alarm system and, once we’ve installed it, we will hand back control to you. All our Intruder Alarm systems are controlled via a keypad which allows you to activate it, set timers, and turn it off when necessary. We always recommend to our customers that intruder alarm systems are regularly checked and maintained – whether or not we were the original installer – and if you have any doubts about the reliability of your intruder alarm system, give us a call now!

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