Metal Electric Gates

Metal Electric Gates

Metal Electric Gates

Metal Electric Gates

1st Choice clients choose to install electric gates on their property for a variety of reasons. Security will always be an important consideration as automatic driveway gates can significantly reduce the risk of opportunistic crime. Equally important though, is the look and style of the gates. They provide the first impression guests or visitors will have of your home, after all. So it’s important that they give the right impression.

Slide or Swing Electric Security Gates?

If your driveway is on an incline, or if it’s lacking in depth, a sliding automatic gate is an ideal solution. The gate opens sideways, rather than by swinging inwards or outwards. Installation requires a track which is fixed to the ground, along which the gate will glide on small rollers or wheels. Even if your driveway can take swinging automatic gates, you may choose to install sliding gates simply because you prefer their operation.

Metal Electric Gates for Your Driveway

Metal is considered a more ‘formal’ look for driveways, than its alternative – wood. It certainly works well with older stone properties, but the sheer range of designs available means that metal can now work with any kind of property. There are a number of benefits that accrue to the owners of metal driveway gates, including:

  • Durability. Metal gates will last for decades.
  • Resistance to Weather Conditions. There’s no problem with either extreme heat or cold.
  • Strength. Metal gates can be fashioned into a range of styles and patterns, but they remain inherently strong.

The main types of metal used in gate design is iron, aluminium and steel. Wrought iron is currently extremely popular due to the range and intricacy of the designs available.

Customising Domestic Electric Gates

Once you know whether your gates will be swing, or sliding, and you’ve chosen the material, you can concentrate on the look of them. 1st Choice Security Systems’ electric gates are always bespoke. This means that we make recommendations based on our security diagnostics of your premises, but we’ll also discuss the design of your gates. It may be as simple as choosing a colour to match the property, or you may wish to incorporate your initials, or a coat of arms.

Maintenance and Repair

Once your gates are installed, 1st Choice engineers always recommend regular maintenance for your automatic gates. This ensures that they maintain peak performance, and it’s especially important for sliding gates where the track can become clogged. We can also offer emergency repair should you find that there’s a rapid loss of speed, or intermittent failure to open, for example.

Why Work With 1st Choice Security Systems?

We’ve been designing and installing high quality, good looking domestic electric gates for over a decade now. We believe in providing a dual purpose gate; one which protects your property effectively, and provides a stunning first impression for your guests. Our experienced security engineers can be relied upon for guidance on the protection of your property, and our designers will translate your vision into reality.

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