Protect your Electric Gate from Cold Weather

Protect your Electric Gate from Cold Weather

Protect your Electric Gate from Cold Weather

1st Choice Helping To Protect Your Electric Gate From Cold Weather

Electric gates are a great way to manage access to your home, or business and secure your property against opportunist theft. There are, however, additional benefits that kick in as the winter frosts start to bite. Our clients tell us that they love being able to sit in a warm car whilst their electric gates open in front of them, and then close behind them on a dark, frosty night.

Winter Maintenance for Electric Gates

Regular maintenance ensures that your electric gates continue to offer a reliable, and efficient service throughout the frosts and snows of winter. We always recommend that our clients carry out annual maintenance in October or November, before the worst of the winter weather starts. That way, if any issues emerge we are able to provide immediate remedial action.

Here are 6 ways to keep your electric gates working, whatever the winter throws at you:

1. Run the System Regularly

Even if you don’t use your automatic gates regularly, schedule in time to run the operating system at least once a week. This keeps the gate gears and all the moving parts flexible.

2. Check the Drive Belt

The drive belt is at the heart of your system, so it should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear. This includes cracking, chunks of ribbing missing, or belt material wearing off the ribs.

3. Grease Gate Hinges

Hinges are vulnerable to cold weather as they are liable to freeze, or stick. You can avoid this by making sure that they are greased – do this on a dry day and use the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant!

4. Clean Out Your Drains

It sounds counter-intuitive, but if your drains get blocked, there could be a knock-on effect with gates being exposed to pools of water – which turns into ice – or a build up of snow.

5. Check Your Motor Settings

If the torque is set too high, your gate will be doing more work than it needs to on each journey – which means excessive wear and tear. Check the settings to improve the life of your motor.

6. After a Snow Fall…

Clear any snow that would impede the gate’s movement. If the gates don’t open automatically, check that the sensors aren’t covered with ice or snow.

Keeping Your Gates at Peak Performance

The vast majority of our clients enjoy uninterrupted peak performance from their electric gates throughout the year. It’s important, therefore, to schedule in a maintenance check in the autumn for yourself, just as you would take your car in for an MOT each year. Should you need any advice or guidance on the steps above, 1st Choice Security Systems will be happy to help.

Maintenance & Repairs from 1st Choice Security Systems

Should you find yourself in a wintry situation with gates that won’t work, 1st Choice provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency call out service. We can also provide annual servicing for your automatic gates, offering peace of mind throughout the wintry weather.

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