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Roller Shutter Repairs in Bedford – Restoring Security

Roller shutters are a great security feature, providing a simple but effective way of securing and barring large entranceways such as loading bays and car parks. However, there is a constant requirement for roller shutter repairs in the industry due to a range of factors.

Roller shutters, though effective and secure when well maintained, are prone to a number of faults

They can bow and warp over time, causing the curtain to become stuck open or closed, and the mechanisms can jam or sheer if not serviced regularly. Damage can also be caused through forced entry during burglaries or vandalised by intruders. Roller shutters in Bedford are particularly targeted for graffiti vandalism too.

Damaged roller shutters provide no protection for your property and need to be repaired as a matter of urgency

We undertake roller shutter repairs in Bedford and surrounding areas and can quickly and efficiently restore them to working order if possible, or replacing parts if they are damaged. You can see an example of a common roller shutter repair job in these pictures from a local residential car park.

roller shutter repairs in Bedford before and after


This shutter was in a poor, unusable state after it had been damaged. Our engineers assessed the system and established a new curtain was required as the old one was unfortunately twisted beyond salvage. We order the curtain and fitted it the day it arrived, securing this entranceway and restoring normal working order for the property owner and car park users.

If you find yourself in need of roller shutter repair services, whether it be for an emergency repair, or if you are looking to upgrade the security and effectiveness of your roller shutters, then please get in touch.

If you require roller shutter repairs in Bedford or surrounding areas, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and can provide competitive quotes on request. Contact us 24/7 on  0800 118 2414 or email us at

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