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School Door Security Systems for Controlled Access and Enhanced Security

Schools are much more than an education hub; they’re also at the heart of the communities they serve. And as such, they need to balance being welcoming and accessible to a whole range of visitors with maintaining a safe environment. Getting the security right is crucial and can be challenging. One of the most popular and effective installations for educational establishments are school door entry systems. In this blog, we explain why.

Creating a Secure School Environment

Whether children are just beginning their education or contemplating university, schools are required to create a safe environment for their learning. A key part of this is knowing, at any given time, who is on the premises and being able to differentiate between legitimate visitors and those who shouldn’t be there. Historically, the school receptionist has acted as the gatekeeper, however, the 21st-century school has evolved, requiring additional security measures to support them.

Securing the School Reception Area

The reception area is one of the most vulnerable access points in any school because there’s so many people coming and going. The challenge for security engineers is to ensure this area is protected without making it feel off-putting for legitimate visitors. School door entry systems are the ideal solution because they monitor and control entry in a way that’s efficient but not overly restrictive.

Many schools prefer the door entry technology because it feels ‘human’ and retains the role of the trusted receptionist. It’s possible to keep visitors outside the door until they have proved that they have a legitimate reason for visiting, at which point they are granted entry. Staff members and regular visitors will be able to access the premises via a code, or a swipe card.

School Door Entry Systems – Monitoring Access for Enhanced Security

1st Choice Security Systems engineers can fit school door entry systems to new and existing doors or automatic gates. We understand that for many schools, it’s important that the integration of security measures shouldn’t compromise the welcoming design or style of their reception area. We take great care to ensure our security systems blend with your existing décor, offering both functionality and a pleasing appearance.

Why is Monitoring Access Important?

  • Safeguarding Students and Staff. Schools hold responsibility for the wellbeing of students and staff on their premises. A door entry system provides the first line of defence, allowing staff to identify and verify visitors before granting access.
  • Deterring Unauthorised Entry. The visible presence of school door entry systems acts as a deterrent for potential intruders, promoting a safer overall environment within the school premises.
  • Incident Management. In the unfortunate event of an incident, school door entry systems can provide valuable records of who has entered and exited the building, assisting with investigations if necessary.

Additional Areas for School Door Entry Systems

The benefits of door security systems extend beyond the reception area. Consider installing these systems in:

  • Classroom Blocks – Control access to specific buildings or blocks, especially those housing younger children, pupil data, or specialist equipment.
  • Sports Facilities – Limit access to sports halls, gyms, and changing rooms outside of designated hours.
  • Staff-Only Areas – Safeguard staff rooms, offices, and areas where sensitive information is stored.
  • External Gates – Manage vehicle and pedestrian access to the school grounds, via electric security gates further enhancing perimeter security.

Types of Door Entry Systems

Types of Door Entry Systems

We offer a range of door entry systems to suit your school’s needs and budget:

  • Swipe Card Systems: Convenient and cost-effective, ideal for staff and frequent visitors.
  • Audio or Video Entry: Allows for visual identification and communication before granting access.
  • Keypad Systems: Offers secure access through a numerical code.
  • Press Release Buttons: A simple and reliable method for controlled exit.
  • Magnetic Door Locks: Provides a high level of security with remote locking capabilities.

Partnering with 1st Choice Security Systems

At 1st Choice Security Systems, we understand that each school has its own unique security needs and community dynamic. That’s why we work closely with school heads and premises managers to create customised school security systems that perfectly align with your school’s culture. Beyond school door entry systems, our expertise extends to the design and installation of school security gates, intruder alarms, comprehensive access control systems, and CCTV solutions.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We recognise the sensitivity of working within educational environments. All of our installers are DBS checked to ensure the highest standards of safeguarding. Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in our SafeContractor approval, our adherence to the ISO2001-2015 standard, and our membership in the DHF.

In the event of an emergency, you can count on 1st Choice Security Systems for 24-hour support. Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in our high first-time fix rates and the use of a Job Management system that maximises project organisation and results.

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