School Entrance Gate

School Entrance Gate

School Entrance Gate

Designing a Secure School Entrance Gate

The school gate is an iconic memory of childhood. Children remember passing through it for the first – and last – time. Parent accrue many hours, over the years, stood waiting by it at the end of the day. For school staff though, the school entrance gate has a more conflicted role; It both provides welcoming access to members of the school community, whilst restricting entry to those who threaten the security within.

Securing Access to School Buildings

Schools are legally bound to protect the safety of both the staff and students in their care. As a primary source of access, the school gate requires special care and attention when it comes to securing the premises. 1st Choice Security Systems are designers and installers of bespoke security gates for schools. We specialise in creating friendly, welcoming designs that offer exceptional protection for the school population.

We always carry out a security audit prior to starting work on a design. This allows us to identify any vulnerabilities on the perimeter of the school, and check out the existing security resources. There are 5 key recommendations we make to schools:

1. Minimise Your Points of Access

The less ways there are to access the school, the easier it is to keep control of who is entering and leaving the premises. We would recommend 1 pedestrian entry point, and 1 for vehicular access if there is a car park.

2. Invest in Clear Signage

Decide on one route into the school – normally via reception – and provide clear and unambiguous signage indicating the route to take. This helps legitimate visitors to find their way easily, and does away with the excuse of ‘getting lost’ for anyone illegitimately attempting to gain entry.

3. Automatic Gates for Schools Provide Access Control

Automatic gates for schools cost more than their manual counterpart, but they offer a range of integrated access controls such as keypads, keycards, and remote controls. When closed automatic gates are difficult and unwieldy to open. Visitors can be granted access via video or intercom.

4. CCTV Deters Opportunist Crime

Trespass and burglary usually happens outside school hours, and in the majority of cases it’s opportunist. A visible CCTV system trained on the school perimeter will provide an efficient deterrent and, should a break in occur, there will be an identifiable record.

5. Bespoke School Entrance Gate

Automatic school security gates don’t have make schools look like a fortress. School gates design can be customised and include input from students. Previous school installations include wood, metal and aluminium gates which have been finished in a range of colours.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems has been working in and around schools and colleges for over a decade, so all our engineers are DBS checked. We’re SafeContractor approved, work to the ISO2001-2015 standard, and we’re a DHF member. Should you need us in an emergency, we’re available 24 hours. We have high 1st time fix rates, and use a Job Management system to maximise efficiency on all projects.

If you would like to talk to us about installing a secure school entrance gate call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 1182414