Security Gates for Schools in Bedfordshire

Security Gates for Schools in Bedfordshire

Security Gates for Schools in Bedfordshire

Suppliers of Security Gates for Schools in Bedfordshire

Ofsted considers the safety and security of pupils during their time spent in school as an integral element of their inspection process:

“[Oftsted] Inspectors will always have regard for how well children and learners are helped and protected so that they are kept safe.”

Common Inspection Framework

The installation of security gates for schools in Bedfordshire is, therefore, a spending priority for educational establishments across the county. Over the past 2 decades, 1st Choice Security Services has become a leading provider of school entrance gates for FE colleges, as well as primary and secondary schools.

Do All Schools Need Security Gates?

1st Choice engineers are trained security specialists, and we would have no hesitation in confirming that every school needs security gates to protect their students, teachers, employees and premises. There are 4 clear benefits that school security gates confer:

  1. Perimeter Control. Security gates offer school staff control over who accesses the premises.
  2. Student and Staff Safety. The school population is safer as a result of installing gates at the entrance to the school.
  3. Flexible Control. Gates can be open for access at the start and finish of school day, and closed at all other times.
  4. Protection 24/7. Electric security gates will protect your school premises against trespass and intrusion throughout the holidays, and in the evenings.

Holistic Security for Schools

The Bedfordshire schools we work with take the safety and security of their population and premises extremely seriously. In order to provide the very best all-round security, 1st Choice engineers offer a free security assessment of the school premises. This informs the choices schools make regarding school gates, and forms part of an ongoing review of the school’s security system as a whole.

Once our assessment is complete, we’ll submit a report of our findings, including recommendations. 1st Choice offers comprehensive security solutions for high risk environments such as schools. We may therefore suggest that the protection afforded by security gates would be strengthened by the installation of: CCTV, a door entry system, or an access control system.

Our School Mustn’t Look Like a Prison

School gates design has evolved considerably over the past decade, so there’s no worry about ending up something that looks like prison gates. It’s important that schools are seen as open and friendly environments for students, parents and legitimate visitors, whilst providing effective defences against vandals and thieves.

Many of entrance gate installations in Bedfordshire have got pupils involved in customising the school gates design. Each gate we fit is bespoke, so your school gate can integrate the school’s crest, or name. Many of our installations are finished in the school colours.

About 1st Choice Security

1st Choice Security Systems has experience working in a range of educational environments so all our installers are DBS checked. We’re SafeContractor approved, work to the ISO2001-2015 standard, and we’re a DHF member. Should you need us in an emergency, we’re available 24 hours. We have high 1st time fix rates, and use a Job Management system to maximise efficiency on all projects.

If you need assistance with security gates for your school in Bedfordshire, call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 1182414.