Security Gates For Schools

Security Gates for Schools

Security Gates For Schools

School Security Challenges – 1st Choice Can Help

Schools have always been a community hub, walking a tightrope between public access and maintaining the safety of students. A few decades ago, most students walked to school with backpacks full of books and pens. Today, it’s drop-offs, car parking, and expensive laptops in those bags. Times change, and so must the way we secure our schools.

Many schools now manage large parking areas, making perimeter security more complex. Add in valuable technology, and intruders have more incentive than ever to target schools. Schools need effective access control, but they shouldn’t have to feel like fortresses.

That’s where 1st Choice Security Systems comes in. With 20 years’ experience, we understand the unique challenges schools face and we’re here to help. We fully align with Education Business recommendations:

“independent and professional support to ensure that any security measures…correspond to both existing and emerging threats, whilst complementing a school’s environment and operation in order to protect students, staff, buildings, assets and reputations.”

Security Gates for Schools – Tailored Protection for Your Premises

Keeping your school’s students, staff, and property safe is your top priority. Automatic gates are a powerful tool in your security arsenal, but the right solution has to be tailored to your school’s unique needs. That’s why 1st Choice Security Systems always begins with a thorough security survey of your site. This allows us to identify potential risks and design a system that addresses them comprehensively.

Benefits of School Security Gates:

  • Total Perimeter Control. Security gates give you the power to decide exactly who enters your school grounds and when. This control is essential for safeguarding your community.
  • Student & Staff Safety. Knowing your perimeter is secure creates a safer environment for everyone.
  • Adaptable Access. Need open access during drop-off and pick-up, but maximum security at other times? Our security gates give you that flexibility, letting you match your security to the rhythm of your school day.
  • Round-the-Clock Protection. Electric security gates work 24/7, safeguarding your school from intruders even during holidays and after hours.

To maximise the protection security gates provide, we often recommend additional layers of security. CCTV in schools offers visual oversight of entrances and perimeters for active monitoring and incident recording. A door entry system simplifies visitor management while boosting building security and an access control system allows you customise access for a safer, more efficient school premises.

Your School Can Be Secure Without Sacrificing Warmth

We understand that schools need strong security, but nobody wants premises that feels uninviting. That’s why modern school gate designs strike the perfect balance. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, we’ll ensure your school remains a welcoming space while safeguarding everyone inside.

Customisation is Key:

Every gate we install is tailored to your school’s needs and identity. Want to incorporate your school crest, name, or colours? We can make it happen. In fact, many schools get their students involved in the design process, adding a sense of ownership and pride to their new security.

Case Study: Uxbridge School Prioritises Safety and Security

Challenge: Uxbridge School needed to upgrade its staff and visitor car park security while ensuring a welcoming environment and, most importantly, safeguarding young students.

Solution: 1st Choice Security Systems installed automated vehicle and pedestrian gates with several key features:

  • Enhanced Security. Access control and video intercom systems give reception precise control over who enters the premises.
  • User-Friendly Access. Staff enjoy convenient access, streamlining their day.
  • Safety-First Design. Our innovative hinge system eliminates crushing points, protecting curious hands and ensuring peace of mind for staff and parents.

Why Choose 1st Choice Security Systems

Beautiful and Secure – We combine robust security with designs that enhance your school’s appearance.

Community-Focused – We understand the importance of a friendly school environment and work with you to achieve the ideal look.

Local Expertise – Our experience of two decades installing security gates for schools means we understand unique needs and can be trusted to offer sound guidance and installation.

All our engineers are DBS checked. We’re SafeContractor approved, work to the ISO2001-2015 standard, and we’re a DHF member. Should you need us in an emergency, we’re available 24 hours. We have high 1st time fix rates and use a Job Management system to maximise efficiency on all projects.

Upgrade your school security with expert guidance. Get your free consultation from 1st Choice Security Systems – 0800 1182414.