Steel Security Doors Bedford

Steel Security Doors Bedford

Steel Security Doors Bedford

1st Choice Installs Steel Security Doors in Bedford

Crime stats for Bedford consistently show anti-social behaviour as the most consistently problematic issue for Bedfordshire Police to deal with. This category of crime includes vandalism, trespass, graffiti, the inappropriate use of empty buildings. It’s a grey area, which is why it’s notoriously difficult to police, but it can cause ongoing misery for owners of vacant buildings, and public facilities.

Securing Vacant or Seldom Used Properties

Doors can be overlooked when making an empty building secure. Locks, padlocks and bolts are limited in their capacity to secure as there are plenty of tools available to get through them. The 1st Choice team would always recommend the installation of steel doors to protect your vacant property.

Our steel doors are built from corrosion resistant Zintec sheets, using weld-free techniques. They can be fitted in a range of sizes and are fully customisable. 1st Choice Security engineers will assess the entry point you wish to protect, and offer recommendations on the features that would enhance the security of the doorway. This may include top/bottom panic bars.

Securing Public Buildings and Vulnerable Domestic Properties

It’s not only empty buildings that can benefit from steel reinforced doors. Residential care homes, schools and public buildings are all vulnerable to violence of one kind or another, and the steel door offers peace of mind. Of course, we don’t want our public-facing buildings to start looking like strongholds, which is why 1st Choice Security Systems offer carefully customised alternatives to clients.

When designing security systems for public spaces, our aim is always to incorporate security features rather than overwhelm the environment. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to offer a range of steel security doors that are designed to look as though they’re made of natural materials. We’re able to replicate most standard wooden, or uPVC doors, and we can even include letter boxes and door handles.

The Benefits of Installing Commercial Security Doors

Steel doors offer a range of security benefits on a property – whether empty or occupied. But there’s a range of other benefits that arise from the quality of the materials, and the secure design:

  • Durability – once your steel door is installed it will last. There are no natural materials that can deteriorate, and the steel we use is corrosion resistant.
  • Good Looking – we are now able to replicate most standard door models, which means you don’t have to give up the kerb appeal to gain great security.
  • Insulation – Our steel doors have to be accurately fitted. This brings the additional benefit of providing the same level of insulation you would expect from double glazing.
  • Fire Protection – Carefully fitted steel doors are fully compliant with British Standard 476 Fire Test. This means that they can offer protection against fire for up to 4 hours.

1st Choice Security Systems Fit a Range of Industrial Doors

We’re a local installer working with industrial, commercial and domestic clients to make their properties more secure. Alongside steel doors, we can also offer roller shutters, insulated door panels, grilles and manual and electric operation doors.

In need of CAMESAFE Steel Security Doors Bedford?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our Steel Security Doors in Bedford.

Looking for Steel Security Doors Bedford in Bedford? Call 1st Choice Security Systems on 01525 718757 for detailed diagnostics and effective security solutions.


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