Steel Security Doors Luton

Steel Security Doors Luton

Steel Security Doors Luton

1st Choice Installs Steel Security Doors in Luton

The good news for residents of Luton is that burglaries are down from last year, according to UK CrimeStats. This will come as a welcome relief after reports at the beginning of the year suggested that Luton had one of the highest rates of burglary in England and Wales.

It’s too early to say yet what the contributing factors are that have led to a drop in the numbers of burglaries across the borough. Based on the amount of work we’ve been doing the past few months, however, we’d hazard a guess that the installation of residential security doors has had something to do with it.

What are Steel Security Doors in Luton?

For years now, the steel security door has been associated with industrial sites, or out-of-town warehouses. Recently, however, there’s been something of a revolution in the design of these heavy metal defences. The latest models offer a range of finishes more in keeping with the residential market. These include a timber effect, or stainless steel.

Why Choose Steel Security Doors?

Your front door serves a dual purpose; it defends your home against intruders, and it tells visitors something about who you are. As a result, wood, uPVC and fibreglass front doors have been the popular option. After all, who would want a heavy duty security door welcoming guests to your home?

The problem with the good-looking options, though, is that they don’t manage the defence function particularly well. For that you need a material that is tough, and can’t be pried open. Steel residential security doors are far and away the better option for 3 reasons:

  1. Steel Doors Are Durable. Front doors become more vulnerable as they get older. Steel won’t degrade or age. Once installed it will last for decades.
  2. Steel Door Frames Stop Crime. It’s often the weakness of the door frame that allows burglars to pry open the door. Steel door frames ensure the front entrance of your home is entirely secure.
  3. Steel Doors Survive High Impact. Most burglars know better than to even consider breaking through a steel door. It’s an industrial solution to your residential security concerns.

1st Choice Security Systems for Domestic Security Doors

The 1st Choice design team is delighted to be able to offer Luton residents a security solution that is 100% burglar proof. We have now installed a number of steel security doors in Luton, for a range of homes. Whether we’re fitting steel security doors in period, contemporary or new builds we’re able to create a finish that’s in line with the existing style and décor.

Providing Peace of Mind for Luton Residents

Luton has had a good deal of adverse media coverage over the years. It’s portrayal as a crime ‘hot spot’ has left many residents afraid of being robbed, or attacked in their homes. 1st Choice Security Systems provides tailored solutions that offer peace of mind to concerned homeowners. Our domestic security solutions include: burglar alarms, electric driveway gates, CCTV and door entry systems.

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In need of CAMESAFE Steel Security Doors?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our Steel Security Doors.


Looking for a front door that protects your property against burglars? Call 1st Choice for info on stylish steel security doors in Luton – 0800 118 2414