Telguard – Delivering The Perfect Door Entry Solution

Telguard - Delivering The Perfect Door Entry Solution

Telguard – Delivering The Perfect Door Entry Solution

Telguard have systems designed for use on single houses or estates of high rise apartments

TelGuard simply plugs in to a dedicated ‘BT’ type telephone socket, just like your home telephone. Think of Telguard as a computerised telephone. Now due to technical advances we use mobile phone technology as an alternative to a telephone land line. All that is required is a GSM SIM card rather than a ‘BT’ type phone socket. Telguard then makes calls via the mobile phone network to the destination.

When a visitor arrives they press your known number (number 26 for flat 26) and then the ‘CALL’ button. A local phone call is made, your home phone rings and when you answer the call you can speak to your visitor. Alternatively the call can be made to your mobile phone. If you are out the Telguard can divert the call to a mobile or your work phone so that you are still able to communicate with your visitor and let them in if you wish; it could be an important delivery. If you are on the phone there is no need to miss your visitor.

The door entry system on any multi user property has historically been a high cost item to install, maintain and quite often within 10 years – replace. The disruption caused by the presence of a team of installation engineers for sometimes weeks added to the need for redecoration of the property is also an inconvenience.

Call Waiting or Caller Line Identification from BT will let you know when another caller is trying to contact you, and who, and you can switch between calls to speak to your visitor and let them in if required. Alternatively the call can be diverted to your mobile phone which will also show the identity of the caller (ie ‘Front Door’).

Try the benefits from our GSM range, there are fewer telephone related costs associated with our GSM range, there is no line installation cost or any line rental charges.

The Telguard GSM range requires either a Pay-As-You-Go or contract SIM card. It is recommended that a SIM from one of the main network service providers (Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile). Mobile fax and data must be enabled on the SIM, Vodafone and O2 are our preferred network service providers purely for the fact of seemingly better network coverage and quality of customer services experienced by us. The costs of the calls are dependent on tariffs applied by the network provider.

When the system is finally up and running the costs associated with keeping hard wired door entry systems operational over their life span are high.  If the labour cost of installation could be removed along with the cable that will need to be replaced at some point and also remove the static intercom handsets then surely the cost of door entry systems as a facility will be reduced. Enter the world of Telguard. Our range of systems do just that – reduce installation costs, the need for cable all over the building and the cost of maintenance.

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