Wrought Iron Security Gates Bedford

Wrought Iron Security Gates Bedford

Wrought Iron Security Gates Bedford

1st Choice Install Wrought Iron Security Gates for Bedford Clients

Bedford experienced a spate of burglaries earlier this year. Having been called out to 6 incidents in one day the Bedfordshire Police put out a statement. They asked people to check that windows and doors were securely locked when they left home. Most of the burglaries took place during the day, and the police emphasised the need to remain vigilant, and report any suspicious activity.

Needless to say, incidents like this result in a spike of calls to 1st Choice Security Systems. People want to know how best to secure their property – especially if they’re away at work during the day.

Wrought Iron Security Gates

More and more, we hearing from homeowners who are considering security gates, but tell us that they’re looking for a decorative design.

Wrought iron gates are beautiful to look at whilst also providing a tough defence for your home. The fragile filigree designs we’re still familiar with today, were introduced into the UK over a century ago. Wrought ironwork became popular with the Victorians and it’s still seen in numerous London streets and parks. And there’s a great example of beautiful wrought iron filigree in The Crescent in Bedford.

Wrought iron is one of the toughest materials for your gates. It’s also incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Despite the fragile aesthetic, wrought iron can’t be bent or cut, and many of the designs use decorative spikes to make climbing over it difficult. For Bedford homeowners who are looking to secure their property in a stylishly elegant way, wrought iron is a great solution.

Recommended Gate Installers in Bedford

We’re a Bedfordshire-based security gates installer, with a reputation for installing high quality bespoke security systems. We’ve fitted electric gates, access control systems, CCTV and burglar alarms to household across Bedford. We always start out by assessing your property, checking out the vulnerabilities, and designing a security system that’s bespoke to your requirements.

Our security system installers have extensive experience in fitting effective security gates. We have a range of wrought iron security gate options we can offer to Bedford clients:

  • Swing Gates. If you have a driveway leading up to your house, automated swing gates provide a simple and elegant defence against intruders.
  • Sliding Gates. If you have limited access to your property, or your driveway is on an incline, slide gates provide and automated defence solution.
  • Audio Door Access. This allows the householder to hear the voice of visitors before granting them access to the property.
  • Visual Door Access. If you have a long, or partly obscured driveway, this access control allows the householder to see visitors before opening the gates.

Durable and Decorative Wrought Iron Security Gates in Bedford

Wrought iron security gates are a versatile and attractive choice for security gates on your property. You can choose the design you want, and they can be painted to match the style of your property. The ironwork can be extended to the creation of fences around your garden perimeter, and the ironwork designs are excellent for a range of landscaping options.

Wrought iron gates provide an elegant security solution for your home. Call 1st Choice Security Systems on 01525 718757 to find out more about our range of security gates in Bedford.

In need of CAMESAFE Essex Commercial Gate Installers?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security gates in Bedfordshire.

If you live in Bedfordshire and you’re concerned about rising burglary figures, call us today to find out how we can help to secure your property or premises.


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