Wrought Iron Security Gates in London

Wrought Iron Security Gates in London

Wrought Iron Security Gates in London

Wrought Iron Security Gates in London

Wrought iron security gates in London tend to be popular because they provide a stylishly decorative feature for driveways, as well as fulfilling their protective function. The history of decorative wrought, or ‘worked’ iron goes back to 16th century Spain and France. Fashionable railings and gates on the continent led to a trend for the same in London in the 1700s.

1st Choice designers love working with this timeless material. We’ve installed a number of wrought iron security gates in period properties, but they also look good when juxtaposed with more contemporary architecture. Our bespoke designs have incorporated coats of arms, family initials, and original designs created by a member of the household.

1st Choice Security Audit for Your Home

Designing bespoke wrought iron gates is, without doubt, the enjoyable bit of the job, but security will always be our priority. That’s why 1st Choice Security Systems offers London clients a free security audit. This allows us to assess your existing security systems, and determine where your property’s vulnerabilities lie. Once we’ve completed our diagnostics, we’ll provide a no obligation report and recommendations. We may suggest enhancing your security gates with:

What Kind of Wrought Iron Security Gates?

All our residential security gates in London tend to be bespoke, for the simple reason that all the driveways we encounter are unique. Some are deep but lack width, others are shallow, or feature an incline. Our comprehensive range of gate models are designed to meet just about any driveway challenge:

  • Swing Gates. These are the traditional electric gates, but you need a deep driveway to accommodate the arc of their swinging motion.
  • Sliding Gates. The perfect solution if you have a driveway on an incline, or a shallow approach to you home. Tracks are laid laterally for the gates to run on.
  • Folding Gates. If there’s insufficient room for gates to open, they are cut in half and hinged. This halves the arc, and delivers elegant folding gates for driveways.
  • Telescopic Gates. If there is limited width, making sliding gates impossible, electric gates can be divided into sections which are designed to overlap as the gates open.
  • Curved Sliders. Where the driveway is flanked by a wall, the gate can be cut into panels and mounted on a curved track following the perimeter.

Maintaining Wrought Iron Security Gates in London

Once installed your automated security gates will look amazing and provide peak performance operation. We’d like to say that they’ll continue in this way for ever but, because they’re subject to the British weather, that’s not the case. We recommend that electric security gates in London have maintenance checks at least once a year. 1st Choice includes electric gate repairs in our maintenance contract, so we’ll respond promptly if there’s a problem.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems knows how important it is to be able trust installers working in your home. All our engineers are DBS checked, SafeContractor approved, SSAIB approved, and we’re a DHF member. We work to the ISO2001-2015 standard. Should you need us in an emergency, we are available 24 hours.

If you need assistance with residential electric gates in London or security systems call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 1182414.