Automatic Gates Harpenden

Automatic Gates Harpenden

Automatic Gates Harpenden

1st Choice Fits Automatic Gates in Harpenden

A trip down the picturesque High Street in Harpenden would be unlikely to convince you that it’s a crime hot spot. Surprisingly, though, it gets more than its fair share of attention from burglars because of its affluence, and its proximity to Luton. Chief Inspector Shane O’Neill recently updated residents on the efforts of local police to prevent and detect burglaries in the area:

“Harpenden is covered by 24/7 uniformed intervention teams who respond to 999 and many other non-emergency calls, plus dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) officers, including PCSOs and Specials, who are based at Harpenden Police Station. They are supported by detectives in our Local Crime Unit, who investigate a range of crimes including burglaries and robberies.”

Additionally, he encouraged residents to take whatever measures they could to ensure that their homes and vehicles were protected against criminals. Amongst the examples given he urged businesses and homeowners to make their premises as unattractive as possible to burglars looking for an easy target.

1st Choice is a Security Gate Installer in Harpenden

When home or business owners ask our specialist security engineers how best to protect their premises, we’ll normally suggest the installation of electric gates. The reason for this is that they send out a clear message about attitudes towards security. If you encounter a Harpenden home with professionally installed electric gates, you know that the owners take security seriously. Often this is enough to deter opportunistic burglars.

An Automatic Gate Installer for Harpenden

1st Choice Security Systems will always carry out a security diagnostic on a property or business, before making recommendations. The driveway, or public access point to a premises, is always a major vulnerability. The most effective solution is a gate or barrier which allows you to choose who may, or may not enter the premises. Once this is in place, you can enhance its security by adding CCTV, and a door entry system.

The advantages of fitting a door entry system and electric gates in Harpenden include:

  • A sturdy physical barrier to deter criminals
  • Timed access at busy periods of the day
  • Older residents are empowered to grant or deny access to strangers
  • A clear message is articulated to criminals that you take security seriously
  • Automatic gates add value to your property

Bespoke Electric Gates for Domestic and Commercial Properties

No matter how large or small your driveway is, 1st Choice Security Systems can create bespoke automatic gates to accommodate it. We can fit swing gates where the depth allows, or sliding gates if your driveway sits on an incline. We provide a range of motors, dependent on the size of your gates, and the speed you require. Finally, we can design your gates in wood, steel or wrought iron, and a range of finishes, to integrate with the style of your home, or business.

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In need of CAMESAFE Automatic Gates?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security gates.


Bespoke automatic gates in Harpenden make your property more secure against opportunistic crime. Call 1st Choice today to find out more about installing them – 0800 118 2414