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Electric Schools Gates for Enhanced Security and Traffic Control

Schools face the unique challenge of creating a welcoming atmosphere while also prioritising the safety of students, staff, and assets. To achieve this, managing and controlling access to the site is essential. Electric gates for schools provide a solution that enhances security without compromising a friendly learning environment.

Security is a top priority for schools, with the goal of allowing only authorised individuals on-site to safeguard student well-being. Additionally, preventing students from leaving the premises without permission is crucial. Automatic gates for schools effectively address both of these concerns.

1st Choice – Your School Security Partner

For over two decades, 1st Choice Security Systems has partnered with schools to create solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our comprehensive security systems, which often include access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, and electric gates for schools, offer multiple layers of protection to create a safer and more secure learning environment.

How we can help:

1st Choice Security Systems starts with a free security audit to fully understand your school’s layout and existing security measures. We’ll pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and offer detailed recommendations to optimise your protection. Our goal is to work with you to design a customised solution that fits both your security needs and budget.

How Do Electric Gates Enhance School Security?

How Do Electric Gates Enhance School Security?

Some schools may hesitate to invest in electric gates, questioning whether they’re the best security solution. However, electric gates serve a dual function: traffic management and a robust security barrier. They align with Secured by Design recommendations for a single, controlled school entrance with separate vehicle and pedestrian access. Here’s how they work:

4 Ways Electric Gates Safeguard Your School

  1. A Powerful Deterrent – The mere presence of well-designed school security gates sends a clear message: Your school takes security seriously. This can discourage opportunistic crime like vandalism and trespass.
  2. Robust Physical Barrier – Electric school gates are engineered for strength. Attempts to force them open are both difficult and likely to attract attention.
  3. Controlled Access, Flexible Operation – Tailor your gate system to your school’s needs. Choose automatic entry during busy periods and opt for manned entry (via audio/video) for tighter control at other times.
  4. Enhanced Surveillance – Integrate your gates with CCTV for continuous monitoring. See who approaches the gate and detect suspicious activity even outside school hours.
  5. Versatile Access Control – Choose the system that works best for your school: keypads, keycards, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), or a combination, give you full control over authorised entry.

Beyond Security -Traffic Management Benefits

In addition to safeguarding your school, electric gates streamline traffic flow, easing congestion during peak drop-off and pick-up times. This added benefit can make them a smart investment for schools of all sizes.

1st Choice: Your Partner for Safe and Secure Bespoke Gates

A quality security gate provides a robust barrier and powerful crime deterrent. However, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors is equally important. That’s why 1st Choice Security Systems prioritises safe, professional installation tailored to your school’s needs.

Why Choose 1st Choice for Your School Gates?

  • Customisation – We’ll assess your site to determine the best gate type (sliding or swing) and design a solution that fits your entrance perfectly. No two schools are alike, and your gates shouldn’t be either.
  • Uncompromising Safety – From safety edges and emergency stops to ground loops, we integrate features that minimise risks and keep your school community safe. Our manual override systems offer an extra layer of protection.
  • Flexible Operation – Choose closing options that suit your school’s traffic patterns – timers, automatic detection, or a combination for maximum control.
  • Optional Anti-Climb Features – For enhanced security, we can include anti-climb spikes to deter unauthorised access.
  • Professional Expertise – Our installers understand the unique safety considerations for school environments. We ensure your gates are not only secure but also operate in a way that safeguards everyone on-site.

1st Choice Security Systems goes beyond simply installing gates. We work closely with you to create a bespoke solution that delivers the peace of mind your school deserves.

School Gates: Security with a Welcoming Touch

Electric gates are a powerful security tool, but that doesn’t mean they have to create a fortress-like atmosphere. At 1st Choice Security Systems, we understand the importance of a warm and inviting school environment. Here’s how we ensure your gates enhance both security and aesthetics:

Custom Design

We offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes to complement your school’s architecture and personality. Want to match your school colours? Integrate your logo or crest? We can make it happen.

Student Involvement

Make your security gates a source of school pride! Invite students to contribute design elements or assist with aspects of the installation process (under safe supervision, of course). This turns a security project into a community-building experience.

Aesthetics Matter

From classic wrought iron to modern, sleek designs, we’ll help you select gates that provide the right level of security while maintaining a welcoming look and feel.

Partnership for the Perfect Fit

1st Choice Security Systems believes that school gates should be both functional and beautiful. We’ll work with you to find that perfect balance for your school, ensuring a space that feels safe and inviting for students, staff, and visitors alike.

Experience Expertise and Peace of Mind With 1st Choice

When it comes to school security, you need a partner you can trust. 1st Choice Security Systems brings not only technical expertise but a deep understanding of the unique needs of educational environments:

  • Safety and Integrity – All our installers are DBS checked to ensure the safety of your students and staff.
  • Proven Quality – Our SafeContractor approval, ISO2001-2015 certification, and DHF membership reflect our commitment to the highest industry standards.
  • Responsive Support – We can provide ongoing maintenance for your school gate installation. Additionally, we’re here for you around the clock to address emergencies and provide swift resolutions. Our job management system ensures efficiency and minimal disruption to your school day.

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In need of CAMESAFE CCTV systems?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security systems.


Don’t leave your school’s security to chance. Contact 1st Choice Security Systems today for a free security audit and personalised recommendations. Call us on 0800 1182414 or visit our website to learn more.


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