Burglar Alarm Installers in Bedfordshire

Burglar Alarm Installers in Bedfordshire

Burglar Alarm Installers in Bedfordshire

Stress-Free Alarm Installation From A Trusted Professional

Worried about your home or business being burgled? Select established and accredited burglar alarm installers to enjoy peace of mind that your home is protected, and your family is secure. 1st Choice Security Systems team are local Bedfordshire alarm installers with two decades’ experience. We work with homeowners, schools, offices, and retail to ensure that their premises are free from the vulnerabilities intruders depend on to succeed.

Choosing Your Burglar Alarm Installers

Here’s what a stress-free alarm installation should look like:

  • The customer selects a local security company with NSI or SSAIB accreditation.
  • A security engineer arranges a survey of your home or premises to identify vulnerabilities and assess what kind of system you require.
  • A free, no obligation quote is provided, and agreed.
  • Your installation is scheduled to suit. The system is then installed, thoroughly tested, and handover includes full instructions for use.
  • You’re offered a maintenance contract in order to guarantee that your system continues to offer optimal protection. This is essential if you have a monitored alarm system.
  • You will receive a certificate of compliance to provide as evidence to your insurance company.

Having a professional security company manage your alarm installation means that there are no hold-ups, or delays. The process is clear from the start, efficiently managed, and professionally handled at every stage.

Choosing Your Burglar Alarm

Choosing what kind of burglar alarm to install is a decision best made with guidance from a security engineer. Having made a security assessment, our burglar alarm installers will be able to advise you as to the system that will offer optimum protection for your premises.

  • Bells-Only Alarm. This intruder alarm is not only the most affordable option, it’s also the simplest in terms of features. When it detects an intruder, both internal and external bells will sound. Typically, the external bell will cease ringing after a predetermined time, whereas the internal bells will persist until manually switched off. The effectiveness of this system relies heavily on having alert and socially aware neighbours.
  • Monitored Intruder Alarm. A third-party company oversees the monitoring of this alarm, taking responsibility for notifying either you, a designated contact person, or the police in the event of an alarm activation. This arrangement ensures constant assurance that a response will be initiated. However, it’s important to note that police response is contingent upon the alarm system being professionally installed and possessing a Unique Reference Number.
  • Wireless Intruder Alarm System. Instead of relying on cables, this wireless alarm system operates on batteries. Installing the system is relatively straightforward, and it utilises both heat and motion sensors to detect the presence of intruders. Conveniently, you can manage the system through a dedicated smartphone app, allowing you to receive immediate notifications in case of any issues or concerns.

Home Security Systems for Bedfordshire Clients

While a burglar alarm is the most popular security device, it should not be the only way that you secure your property. We recommend to our Bedfordshire clients that they consider complementing their burglar alarm with additional security measures such as CCTV installation, security gates, and an access control system.

When used collectively as a comprehensive security system, these components provide exceptional protection for your family, school population, or employees.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems, Bedfordshire

Our focus is upon the safety and security of our clients, so any system we install will have been selected to achieve that purpose. The needs of a private home are very different to those of a school with dispersed premises; in each case we will create the solution that will achieve the best outcome in the given environment.

1st Choice Security Systems knows how important it is to be able trust installers working in your home, school, or place of business. All our engineers are DBS checkedSafeContractor approved, and SSAIB. We use a job management system to ensure maximum efficiency and we work to the ISO9001-2015 standard.

Would you like to speak to our burglar alarm installers about an installation in Bedfordshire? Call us today on 0800 1182414.