Case Study – Bedford Gate

Case Study Bedford-Gate

Case Study – Bedford Gate

1st Choice Security Systems – Case Study – Bedford Gate

This Bedford automated gate had become a familiar sight for 1st Choice Security Systems engineers. We had been called out 7 times over a period of 10 months for repairs to the system. These visits cost – in total – £2388.00. It was clear that continuing to deliver repairs in same way was unsustainable, and that a different approach to the problem was required.

DHF Recommends ‘Engineer the Risk Out’

The Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) is an industry ‘centre for excellence’ serving professionals working in the gates, doors and hardware sector. They’re a hub for technical information and training, as well as keeping members abreast of the latest news and developments. Their guidance is always to ‘engineer the risk out’ of automated gates, rather than continuing to repair problems without getting to their cause.

1st Choice Provide Option to Reduce Call Outs

1st Choice engineers developed and quoted on an option to risk assess the gate and engineer out the risks discovered. The goal was to provide a system with limited components, in order to reduce the number of costly call outs for repairs.

Our quote was accepted and we carried out the following works:

  • Offset hinges 0% gap variation. No need for hinge guards or hinge safety edges
  • Encoder based motors No need for Impact edges or Leading safety edge
  • Gate to floor gap above 120mm to allow forces of 1400N
  • Vandal resistant Shrouds to motors
  • Vandal Resistant shrouds to photocells
  • Full Documentation provided, force test, risk assessment, certificate of conformity

Goal Achieved Post Works Completion

Once the work was completed on the automated gate the call out rate dropped significantly. In the 17 months following completion we received only 2 call out requests. The fist repair was necessitated by poor installation of non-required parts by another contractor. The second visit was occasioned by the gate being placed on manual release. No fault was present when engaged and tested. There have been no mechanical faults reported since the major works were completed.

About 1st Choice Security Systems

Our engineers bring both a high standard of skills and a wealth of experience to their installation and maintenance of residential and commercial driveway gates. Our aim is always to create quality systems that minimise the risk of call outs once installed. This not only reduces the non-operational periods for the gates, but also provides maximum ROI for our clients.

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