Electric Gate Installers

Electric Gate Installers

Electric Gate Installers

Why Choose 1st Choice Electric Gate Installers?

For close on two decades now, the 1st Choice team has been designing and installing electric gates in Bedfordshire, the Home Counties and North London. Has the work become repetitive? Not at all. One of the things we enjoy most about being electric gate installers is the fact that every job is utterly unique.

Everyone we work with has their own reasons for wanting automatic driveway gates. These range from adding value to their property, to waging war on doorstep scammers. The gates we design and install are fitted to the exact dimensions of the driveway, and finished according to the specific requirements of our clients.


Security Trained Electric Gate Installers

Security of your property may not be the primary reason for installing electric gates, but it’s a useful by-product. The police recommend automatic gates as a powerful disincentive for opportunist burglars. Likewise, scammers and unsolicited callers whose identity can be checked before granting entry.

Here are our top 5 security benefits provided by electric gate installation:

  1. Physical Deterrent. Electric gates provide a barrier which isn’t easy to scale. Should intruders attempt to climb over your electric gates, there’s a good chance they would be seen.
  2. Locked Gates. Gates with an automatic locking device installed provide 24/7 protection to your family. A property secured in this way acts as a deterrent to any opportunistic burglars looking for an easy entry.
  3. Difficult to Force. Electric gates won’t be forced easily. Either swing or sliding gates provide a heavy obstacle to overcome, and an intruder would need a sophisticated tool bag to get through.
  4. Door Entry Security. A door entry system installed on the gate allows anyone in the property to see visitors before allowing them entry. This creates a powerful first line of defence against doorstep scammers.
  5. Residential CCTV. Should any attempts be made to enter via your electric gates, integrated residential CCTV would capture the intruders in the act. Most criminals won’t approach properties with this level of security.

Bespoke Electric Gates Installation

Occasionally we encounter a property with a drive that allows for a standard installation. More often, though, gates need to be bespoke to take into account shallow driveways, inclines, or a narrow opening. In order to accommodate a range of driveways, we provide:

  • Swing Gates. These traditional gates are ideal for driveways with a depth of access that can accommodate the arc of the gate.
  • Sliding Gates. For shallow driveways, or ones that feature a natural incline. The gates slide into place on a track which extends laterally across the driveway.
  • Folding Gates. This elegant and innovative design is used for small driveways where there is insufficient space to slide or swing full size gates.

Individually Designed Driveway Gates

1st Choice electric gates are as individual as the properties they enhance. Our designers will work with you to develop a unique design in the material you choose. Recently we’ve created automatic gates in wood, steel and wrought iron for properties. Your gates can be finished in colours that match the exterior aesthetic of your home.

Electric Gate Repairs

Our skilled and experienced installers guarantee durable, high-performance gates for customers. In order to keep them at peak condition, we always recommend an ongoing maintenance and repairs package. External gates have to deal with punishing weather conditions in the UK, both in winter and summer. Regular servicing will ensure ongoing reliability. Should you encounter a problem, one of our engineers will be with you promptly.

About 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems installers offer a free security audit as part of the gate installation process. This allows us to assess your existing security arrangement, and determine where your property’s vulnerabilities are. Then we’ll make a number of recommendations, which may include a door entry system for your electric gates, or integrated CCTV.

1st Choice Security Systems knows how important it is to be able trust electric gate installers working around your home. All our engineers are DBS checked, SafeContractor approved, SSAIB approved, and we’re a DHF member. We work to the ISO2001-2015 standard. Should you need us in an emergency, we are available 24 hours.

If you are looking for established and reliable electric gate installers, call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 1182414.