Electric Gate Repairs In Stevenage

electric gate repairs in Stevenage

Electric Gate Repairs In Stevenage

Electric Gate Repairs In Stevenage

If you are having problems with your electric gate in Stevenage it is very likely that you need urgent help. Whether you are stuck inside and can’t get out, or stuck outside and can’t get in, you need the services of a company that specialises in electric gates. Fortunately, 1st Choice Security Systems operates a genuine 24 hour 7 days a week service for electric gate repairs in Stevenage so we can help you at any time.

What Can Go Wrong With Electric Gates?

As with anything that contains moving parts, electric gates, and their motors in particular, are subject to wear and tear. This means that they need regular maintenance, but sadly there are many occasions when we see electric gate motors that have never been serviced. Eventually there comes a point where these motors fail and they have to be replaced. In the majority of cases the cost of new motors is greater than would have been the cost of having them serviced regularly and keeping them in perfect working order.

Another problem requiring driveway gate repairs involves electrical faults. The electric motors which power both sliding and swing gates are open to the effects of rain, hail, snow, frost, and heat, and as a result various components can fail. Faults can occur in control boards, photocells, access control intercoms, and gate release keypads. Strange as it may seem, slugs can often get into the control boxes and cause problems requiring a gate repairs.

Of course, as you might expect, a lot of electric gates suffer from impact damage from cars and delivery vehicles. Sometimes the gate itself can be repaired, but more often than not it will have to be replaced. Even if the actual gate is not damaged there are very often issues with the gate hinges and/or the points where the motor attaches to the gate. As a minimum the gate will need re-alignment.

Here’s an example of one of our Electric Sliding gates in motion!


Yet another problem is poor drainage. Where gate motors are mounted under the driveway it is often the case that they have been installed without allowing for sufficient drainage. What happens is that, very simply, the motors become waterlogged and of course fail. Electric gate repairs in Stevenage will involve the repair or replacement of the motors, but this doesn’t solve the basic problem. In all of these cases it is necessary to carry out the work required to improve the drainage before re-installing the motors as the problem will simply reoccur otherwise.

No matter what the problem requiring electric gate repairs in Stevenage, rest assured that our expert engineers will be able to fix it. We have been installing, maintaining, and repairing electric gates in the town since 2005 and there is nothing that we have not seen, and nothing to which we have not been able to provide a solution. So if your electric gate fails, regardless of the issue, you can rely on 1st Choice Security Systems to have the answer.

Our CAMESAFE Installers have the experience and knowledge gained from training to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety to all our electric gates in Stevenage


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