Electric Gates in Letchworth | Gate repair in Letchworth | Automated Gates Letchworth | For Home or Business

electric gates in letchworth

Electric Gates in Letchworth | Gate repair in Letchworth | Automated Gates Letchworth | For Home or Business

Electric Gates in Letchworth

1st Choice Security Systems have been designing and installing electric gates in Letchworth for over 10 years and have the experience necessary to install gates in any operating environment. Our highly skilled installers specialise in installing bespoke electric gates in Letchworth to closely match your specific security requirements.

Electric gates are very useful for precisely controlling who is give access to a property. They can be used in conjunction with other security devices including CCTV systems to create a highly secure environment. Electric gates are commonly used in factories, warehouses, offices, private residences and any location where entries must be regulated.

Crime Rates High in Letchworth

Crime continues to be a significant problem in Letchworth and Baldock with almost 300 criminal incidences reported in the month of September (2015) alone.  Many of those crimes were incidences of burglary, trespass, arson and vandalism.  The high crime rate highlights the importance of securing your property appropriately.

Our skilled security consultants and installation team are experts at installing bespoke electric gates in Letchworth.  Our bespoke solutions are designed to specifically suit the operating environment of your home or business, your usage and other security infrastructure you may be using. 

We can install or repair a wide variety of automatic gates in Letchworth including:

  • Sliding electric gates
    The common form of electric gate, the gate simply slides horizontally.  Sliding electric gates be configured to use wheels or a track system.
  • Swing Electric Gates
    This type of gate swings inwards like an opening door.
  • Electric Barrier Arm Gates
    A low-cost entry gate which is used for low-security areas like car parks.  The barrier arm simply rotates up to allow entry. This type of gate can also be useful in locations with limited horizontal space.
  • Cantilever electric gates
    The gate slides horizontally to allow access, similar to the common sliding gate.  However, the gate entrance is cantilevered off the ground, supported by a mechanism that moves along the property boundary.  This can be very useful when the terrain under the gate entrance is unsuitable for a traditional sliding gate.
  • Vertical Lift Electric Gates
    The gate is lifted vertically to form an opening, similar to a typical garage door.  This type of gate is useful when there is limited horizontal space.
  • Bifold Electric Gates
    Bifold electric gates use hinges that collapse to form the gate opening.  This type of gate is useful when there are extreme space restrictions.

1st Choice Security can combine any electric gate with your existing security infrastructure including access control systems, CCTV systems, intercom systems and security booths

All electric gate installations performed by 1st Choice Security Systems are designed with safety in mind.  We use a variety of safety mechanisms including photoelectric sensors, warnings signs, pressure sensors, safety cages and operation warning sounds.


Why Choose 1st Choice Security Systems for Electric Gates in Letchworth?

Many property owners who have decided to install electric gates in Letchworth have turned to 1st Choice Security Systems because of our vast experience, high-level technical skills and the value for money we provide.

Our security consultants will examine your property and work in conjunction with installers to create the perfect security solution for your business or home. All installations are performed by in-house by qualified staff who take pride in their work.

Our team is proud to design and install electric gates with a high level of reliability, efficiency and safety. We also perform electric and automatic gate repairs in Letchworth and surrounding areas.

If you are interested in installing an automatic gate in Letchworth or need a gate repaired, contact our friendly staff today on 0800 118 2414 for an obligation free quote!


cam safe company logoOur CAMESAFE Installers have the experience and knowledge gained from training to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety to all our electric gates in Letchworth


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