Intruder Alarms Cambridge

Intruder Alarms Cambridge

Intruder Alarms Cambridge

1st Choice Responds to Hike in Demand For Intruder Alarms Cambridge

A shocking report from the Office of National Statistics shows that burglary nearly doubled in Cambridge last year. Figures were up from 454 burglaries in 2016 to 824 committed in 2017. Cambridgeshire police have responded by explaining that the sharp rise can, in part, be explained by changes in the way crimes are recorded. Extra police have been drafted though, and police have convicted several members of two organised crime gangs in the region.


Police Guidance on Protecting Property

Many of the reported burglaries involved damage to property and violence. This has led police to provide support, advice and guidelines on dealing with intruders. Police caution commercial property owners to use force only if absolutely necessary as a form of self defence. The best course of action, they suggest, is to:

  • Install a visible intruder alarm.
  • Lock doors and windows when leaving the property.
  • Mark your valuables.
  • Use timer switches to make it look as though someone’s in the premises.

1st Choice Security Systems for Intruder Alarms Cambridge

As a highly reputable installer of business security alarm systems in Cambridge we’ve been receiving a number of calls from owners who are concerned about leaving their property unattended, and about the risk of violence to members of staff. They want to know whether intruder alarm security provides an effective first line of defence.

The police recommend intruder alarms as an ‘effective deterrent for burglars’. They cite research demonstrating that where intruder alarms Cambridge are visible to passers-by, the probability of burglary is reduced. 1st Choice Security Systems would recommend the use of monitored systems for commercial premises. If the alarm is activated, a remote signalling device informs a central monitoring station, and the police are then alerted immediately.

Commercial Business Security in Cambridge

For an alarm system to have maximum impact business owners need to ensure that the intruder alarm is high spec and installed by an ISO9001:2008 and Safe Contractor approved company. DIY alarms can malfunction, and the police won’t respond to them for this reason. 1st Choice is a well respected alarm fitter and, as such, we will always:

  • Carry out a diagnostic on your premises to check for the best alarm location.
  • Recommend the use of multiple alarms if necessary to secure the property.
  • Offer detailed guidance on how to make your premises more secure.
  • Provide information on the range of security features we install for businesses.

Our intruder alarm installers are skilled and experienced in creating a secure environment for commercial premises. They know how criminals operate and are well-placed to offer the very best advice on alarm systems in Cambridge. Our aim is to help business owners sleep better at night – an intruder alarm is a good place to start.

For more information on any of our services or to arrange an obligation-free consultation, reach out to a member of the 1st Choice Security Systems customer service team today.


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