School Access Control Systems

School Access Control Systems

School Access Control Systems

How School Access Control Systems Keep Kids Safe

When parents drop their children off at school, they do so in the belief that they’ll be safe and secure throughout the day. At one time security in schools meant locks and keys held by the caretaker, but we now live in a very different world.

School premises are often complex areas to protect, requiring a blended solution incorporating automatic gates, CCTV, and access control. Of these, the latter is the most effective in monitoring and maintaining security across school buildings.

How Access Control Systems Provide a Secure Environment

The most important factor for school security is ensuring that everyone on the school premises is authorised to be there. Given that there will probably be numerous ways to enter school buildings, identifying and locating unauthorised people on the premises is a critical requirement. Access control gives clear oversight as just one of its many benefits.

What is Access Control for Schools?

It’s a way of ensuring that anyone entering school buildings has been pre-cleared to do so. Simple access control systems operate with a keypad entry system. They can also use swipe cards or biometric entry systems. Any unauthorised person trying to enter the building will immediately set off an alarm alerting staff of the breach and its location.

Why is Access Control Preferable to a Door Entry System?

Many schools currently have a door entry system for their reception area. Whilst this is a localised solution, it still leaves many alternative entry points vulnerable to unauthorised entry. A person seeking to breach the security of a school will watch the premises for weeks or maybe months prior to any action. It’s important, therefore, to create a completely secure seal for your school.

Access Control Protects School Data

An access control system controls far more than the school’s physical entry points. The 21st century thief is more interested in data than computers or money. A comprehensive access control system can cover valuable assets across the school. This might include financial data, school records, examination papers. Staff will be granted access only if they need to get to these resources as part of their job role.

Keeping Track of School Activity

Managing the complex activities which make up a school day becomes easier with access control. The system can keep track of all students and staff throughout their various activities. This helps to monitor students’ movements and clear up any disputes concerning the location of individual students at any given time.

Say Goodbye to Lost Keys

Keys are a clunky and inefficient way to manage modern buildings. And they constantly go missing, or are lent and not returned. The access control system requires just one card or key code to get people into all the rooms they need to enter in the course of the day. Each user can be allocated a different set of permissions, which will be loaded according to their job description.

1st Choice Security Provides Security in Schools

For over 15 years, 1st Choice has been designing secure systems for public buildings. When working with schools we always carry out a detailed audit of the premises first of all. This exposes the vulnerabilities of the site, and we are able offer a series of recommendations to make them secure. Our DBS checked security engineers are experienced in the installation and mapping of access control systems for schools.

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Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security systems.


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