CCTV Installation North London

CCTV Installation North London

CCTV Installation North London

1st Choice Recommends CCTV Installation in North London

Recent crime statistics covering the period August 2018 -July 2019 show that North London is the has the highest rate of robbery in England and Wales. Burglary in this area also hits the top spot for the 104 postcodes surveyed. The total number of crimes committed in both these categories add up to 15k. This shows an increase of just over 7% when compared to figures for the previous year.

Just to put the crime figures in context, North London is home to around 1.4 million people, which is more than the population of many large cities across Europe. It’s made up of 7 boroughs, including Camden, Hackney, Barnet, Islington and Westminster. Even taking into account the geographical reach, however, the problem with robberies in North London needs to be addressed urgently.

Record CCTV Installation in North London

We all know how stretched the Metropolitan Police are in London, which is why many local businesses, and residents and proactively seeking to protect their property against theft. 1st Choice Security Systems is seeing regular growth in the number of enquiries we’re receiving from North London postcodes. In many cases we’re asked for advice on whether CCTV is an effective security solution.

Does CCTV Installation Protect Your Property?

When asked this question, 1st Choice Security Systems engineers will always state that no one application can defend your premises 100%. For that you need a carefully designed security system that includes a combination of alarms, access control, automatic gates – as well as CCTV. There are, however, key benefits that CCTV cameras bestow:

  • Deterrent to Opportunist Crime. Even burglars agree that a strategically placed CCTV camera is a deterrent to opportunistic crime.
  • Professionally Installed CCTV Lowers Your Insurance Premium. A CCTV camera makes you less of a target for criminals, which lowers the insurance rates you need to pay.
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Your Home, or Premises. The most up-to-date CCTV installations enable you to monitor your property via your phone, giving you ongoing peace of mind.
  • Low Maintenance Security. Once your CCTV cameras are installed they need little more than scheduled maintenance to provide ongoing protection for your property.
  • Help Police to Convict. Should your premises be burgled, or vandalised, high quality CCTV cameras will provide evidence that helps the police catch, and convict, the criminals.

1st Choice Security Systems for Professional CCTV Installation

When clients call us to enquire about a CCTV install, the first thing we do is arrange to visit in order to carry out an initial security audit. This is a simple process carried out by our professional security engineers. They’ll be looking for the key vulnerabilities on your property that need CCTV coverage. Our diagnostics will reveal what kind of camera installation would be most suitable, any special features required, and the exact positioning for the best results.

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