Commercial CCTV Systems

Commercial CCTV Systems

Commercial CCTV Systems

Commercial CCTV Systems

In large cities where opportunist crime tends to be high, commercial CCTV systems make sense as a means of protecting your premises. Whether you’re managing the security of an office block, securing your small business, or defending your retail outlet against vandalism, CCTV is a cost effective deterrent against crime.

A professionally installed commercial CCTV system will:

  • Deter opportunist theft
  • Provide 24 hour live coverage of your premises
  • Alert you to out-of-hours activity outside your property
  • Deliver evidence, should a crime occur, which can be used to catch and convict criminals

Professional CCTV Installation

Low quality, poorly installed commercial CCTV systems won’t offer you a good return on investment for your business. Familiar problems tend to be poor imagery due to environmental reverberations, poor audio, indecipherable night imagery and bad positioning. Professional commercial installation guarantees that your CCTV system will do the job you need it to from the start.

1st Choice Security Systems engineers always begin by carrying out a free security audit of your business premises. This allows them to determine the environmental vulnerabilities, which will determine both the number of cameras required and their accurate positioning. All commercial CCTV set ups will be exhaustively tested to ensure that clear images can be captured in all potential conditions.

Which Commercial CCTV System?

There’s a huge range of commercial CCTV systems available now. All of them, however, carry out the same basic function of recording and storing images for review. Your installer will be able to offer advice on which model will suit your specific requirements best. The biggest decision will probably be whether to install wired or wireless CCTV cameras.

  • Wired CCTV Systems. We would normally recommend this system for larger businesses requiring a number of cameras running off the system. Wired CCTV requires a more complex installation as the cables need to be laid down. But it provides a stable, high quality infrastructure offering comprehensive coverage of your premises.
  • Wireless CCTV Systems. For smaller premises requiring only one or two cameras wireless CCTV is ideal. It’s easy to install, and flexible positioning. The premises can be viewed remotely using a portable device. A disadvantage of installing wireless CCTV is that it’s vulnerable to signal failure, or signal interference (this is especially the case in shared commercial premises.

Why Choose 1st Choice to Install Commercial CCTV Systems?

For over a decade 1st Choice have been providing 1st class security advice, audits, and commercial CCTV installations in London and the Home Counties. Our engineers have the skills and experience to be able to offer recommendations guaranteed to enhance the security of your premises. We can design and install a comprehensive security system for your business, integrating alarms, CCTV, security gates and access control.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems use a job management system to ensure maximum efficiency. We’re a Came Safe Contractor, and SafeContractor approved. We work to the ISO2001-2015 standard, and we’re a DHF member.


1st Choice Security Systems is the ideal partner when it comes to securing your business. Give us a call today on 0800 118 2414